Elmedia Media Player PRO: cannot play highest / higher res MP4(Read 1350 times)
Testing your application, I noticed that various YouTube URLS have, and can play in the browser, higher resolution MP4s than Elmedia Media Player PRO can play (let alone download).

That is, a video link may afford (through YouTube settings button) 1080p, but EMP PRO only shows 720p and lower resolution instances in its drop-down UI control. Or, for another YouTube URL, 720p may be the highest resolution MP4 to view, but EMP PRO only shows 360p and lower.

So, according to the results I observe, EMP PRO does not support playing (or downloading) the highest resolution(s) of YouTube video.

[edit] Ok, I see that the highest resolution MP4 can be accessed in EMP PRO's Browser Window. My complaint still applies for the Player window, however.
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Re: Elmedia Media Player PRO: cannot play highest / higher res MP4 Reply #1 on: October 24, 2018, 10:37:32 AM
In order to help you resolve the issue, could you kindly provide us with the following additional information?

* A screenshot of 'About this Mac' screen;

* An example of the video file that you have an issue with (please upload it to Dropbox and share the link with us).

You can contact us via email support@eltima.com so that we can assist you further.


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