Commander One: new feature - SHARE in context menu, quick-view on Dropbox(Read 1266 times)
Hi, please, add a SHARE menu into right-click context menu in Commander One. E.g. I am unable to share files through airdrop from Commander One.

Also quick-view of files on Dropbox does not work properly. E.g. I am unable to listen to mp3 which is on Dropbox through quick-view/space.

Thank you, Peter

Thank you for your feedback. I have passed your suggestion regarding adding Share option to our developers for further consideration.

As of now, you can use Services menu (in the main menu) or through drag&drop option.

In order to listen to mp3 on your Dropbox account, use F3 key.
Otherwise, as an option, we can advise you to use CloudMounter for such purpose.


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