File Previews (Cover Flow view or increase thumnail size)(Read 937 times)
I work with a lot of images and similar digital assets. With the latest upgrade to Mojave on my Macbook, Apple removed the "cover flow" view, from Finder, which is why I'm on the hunt for an alternative. I thought the view was stupid at first but realized it's just what I need!

Does Commander One have coverflow view? If not, if you're using the "thumnail" view, does it allow you to increase the size of the thumbnails?

Re: File Previews (Cover Flow view or increase thumnail size) Reply #1 on: December 11, 2018, 01:59:18 PM
I'm sorry but there is no cover flow view in Commander One app.

Also Commander One app does not have "resize thumbnails" feature. I have passed your feedback to our developers for further consideration.


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