Commander One: Moving / Merging files suddenly dissapeared(Read 55 times)

I have run into an issue with Commander One. I was recently moving and merging files from one directory on an external drive into another folder on the same drive.  When I drag and dropped the files into the receiving folder, there were a couple of duplicate files so it prompted me to either overwrite or to skip the existing files, I chose to use the skip option so it would copy over the files that are new to the folder.. For some reason, when i did this, the files suddenly just disappeared from both directories.  I have no idea where they could have gone but they are no longer visible.. 

Has this ever happened to anyone else and would you happen to have a solution?

I am on os x high sierra with the latest version of commander one.


Re: Commander One: Moving / Merging files suddenly dissapeared Reply #1 on: January 03, 2019, 02:18:15 PM
I'm sorry for the inconveniences. Please send us Commander One feedback (Help -> Send feedback). Specify your email address and add some comments so we could track it.
Is the destination folder located on a NAS drive or some cloud service or it is a local folder on your Mac?
Can you create a test folder, copy random files there and reproduce the issue again? 


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