CloudMounter: How to preserve "Date Modified" on AWS S3 destinations(Read 1500 times)
Hello, I'm a new CloudMounter user and trying to find out how the preserve a file's original "Date Modified" timestamp when it is copied to an AWS S3 bucket.  When I initially copy files into a CloudMounted S3 drive, the modified date is correct.  However after unmounting and remounting the S3 drive, the Date Modified changes to the date/time that the file was uploaded to S3. 

I am using:
macOS Mojave 10.14.2
CloudMounter: Site Version 3.4 (546)
FUSE Version 3.8.2
"Mount as Network Drive" is not checked
"Make this drive visible to other accounts" is checked
"Keep extended attributes" is not checked

Hello Jim,

Please reproduce the issue on your side and then send us CloudMounter feedback (Help menu -> Send feedback). Specify your email address and leave a comment in feedback so we could track it.

James, I have submitted a feedback request, but here are screen shots that illustrate the problem. To reproduce, I simply copy some files to the S3 bucket noting that the mtime is correct.  When I unmount and re-mount the drive, the mtimes have all been changed to S3 object creation/upload date.


Source files on left window, destination S3 folder on right. (Sorry for the extra-wide pics.)

Note that the timestamps are the same after I drag them over

I unmount/re-mount the S3 drive and the times change to S3 object creation date.  Original timestamps are lost

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Hello Jim,

Thank you for waiting. I've received an update from our developer regarding this matter. First of all, let me clarify that not all servers are able to give the date parameter.

With AWS however, the creation date is not transmitted on any server. This is a server side configuration and, unfortunately, we cannot affect this from our side.

Should you have any questions please let me know.

Best regards,
Borys Khokhlenko | Eltima Customer Support |


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