Commander One: hotkey: Navigation> up one level to folder above current [SOLVED](Read 1688 times)
.. and default to the Delete/ Backspace key ⌫ as in Windows :)
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Please specify the product you're referring to. Thanks.

Hello Karina. Oh, I thought I had posted into the Commander One subforum, but.. there isn't even any such forum (humm?).

Sort of a mess here, all Mac apps in one lumped-together forum  :'(

So anyway, Commander One :)

Thanks for clarifying.

Use the command + in order to set the "Up one level" navigation.

As for delete key, go to Commander One Preferences > Hotkeys and assign your own hotkey for the certain action:

Karina, there IS NO "Up one level" entry at all in Commander One, Hotkeys, Navigation, see attachment.

It is missing and would need to be added. That's what I mean .. ;)

("Go back" is NOT "Up one level", it is go back into the folder one was in before, if any. For now I set it to backspace/ delete).

Clear now  ::) ?

"Go to enclosing folder" stands for "Up one level" in Commander One.

oh, OK - I would never have guessed that. Thank you, Karina, I set "Go to enclosing folder" to backspace and it's doing what it should  8) !

I'm glad to hear that you've found the hotkey.

We are always happy to help out. So, feel free to contact us anytime if you need additional assistance.


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