Disable "Download All With Folx" option on Mac Safari Browser(Read 16467 times)
Hi everyone,

I've a problem with Folx. I install Folx on to my MBP and it works fine… however, I can't disable the "Download All With Folx" option on my secondary click menu.

I've tried disabled the Folx Plug-in on Safari by moving the FolxNetscapePlugIn.plugin from the Internet Plug-Ins folder as this is the way to disable Plug-in on mac. However, it doesn't help. I've try uninstall it by moving it to Trash. Neither it helps. I've also tried moving Folx to the Trash with AppTrap running (AppTrap will delete all the association files with the application which you are moving to Trash) and delete the com.eltima.Folx.plist, this also won't make the "Download All With Folx" disappear from my secondary click menu in Safari.

I think there must be a file out there which Folx installed along with the application while we are installing it, But I don't know what it is.

Anyone know how to disable the menu options, anyway?

Thanks in advance.

Additional: Screenshot Reply #1 on: May 03, 2011, 08:36:58 PM
To make it clearer, here's the screenshot.

You can use Folx Uninstaller to uninstall Folx WebKit Browsers Extension. See attached screenshot below.

The latest version of Folx you can download:


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