USB Network Gate problem with iLok and Pro Tools on OSX(Read 11143 times)
USB Network Gate problem with iLok and Pro Tools on OSX on: February 06, 2013, 04:32:16 AM
Firstly, I'm very impressed with the software.  It's very lightweight and in my opinion, pretty easy to use.

So, I'm testing the software for potential use in sharing iLok software authorizations that we would prefer to keep physically secured.

I was easily able to share and connect the iLok and could in fact see the iLok in our account when I logged in.  Unfortunately when I try to launch Pro Tools (version 10.x.x) it immediately says it doesn't see the authorization iLok and closes the application.  I have since tried using USB Network Gate for only a plug-in authorization once Pro Tools has already launched (with it's authorization iLok attached locally) and it seems to be working fine for that.  I know that unlike some authorizations, Pro Tools itself is frequently polling the iLok so that one can't simply remove it after they've launched the software.  It may also have other special requirements that simple plug-ins don't have and I wonder if you might have any insight into this issue because there may be other plug-ins that behave similarly and that would be a deal breaker for us.


Re: USB Network Gate problem with iLok and Pro Tools on OSX Reply #1 on: February 20, 2013, 02:23:00 PM
The iLoks are generally supported, but unfortunately not all software packages proved to correctly recognize the licenses on the shared dongle. To be more specific, a number of users reported that Pro Tools 10 and Altiverb 7 plugin fail to authorize via the shared dongle. On the other hand, we also know that, for instance, Melodyne and various SoundToys plugins work fine.

We are aware of the trial version of Pro Tools and would be happy to carry out more testing, but our trial license has long expired and there appears to be no way to extend it. Considering that we don't have any use for the Pro Tools software itself but merely need it for iLok testing, it would be extremely hard to justify the cost of the license for this software. So unfortunately I don't see how we could possibly proceed in our investigation.

Re: USB Network Gate problem with iLok and Pro Tools on OSX Reply #2 on: January 12, 2015, 09:33:59 AM
I personally know a lot of people willing to buy this if it fully worked for Pro Tools.. I am definitely one of them.

Re: USB Network Gate problem with iLok and Pro Tools on OSX Reply #3 on: April 04, 2015, 06:45:03 PM
You could probably sell a copy of your software to most people with an iLok if you got it to work properly for Pro Tools 10 & 11 and most of the major plugins still using iLok.

I'm evaluating the software for exactly this purpose because I'm tired of running up and down the stairs to shuttle my iLok between computers.

Pretty much everyone who uses iLok hates it because it's such a pain to use and is subject to loss and breakage. But, if there was an easy way to share iLok over the network, you could keep it attached safely to a single server and not risk loss, theft, or damage.

In my opinion, the market opportunity is far larger than the cost of a Pro Tools license. Alternatively, you could try running the Pro Tools demo in a virtual machine and wipe and reinstall it after the demo period ends.

Since I can't get Pro Tools and my Steven Slate plugins to authorize using your software, I won't be purchasing it. However, if it *did* work, I'd buy it in a heartbeat and tell everyone I know who switches back and forth between their studio machine and their laptop to buy it, as well. You would quickly become the de-facto solution to a major workflow problem in the music industry.
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