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Google Apps Calendar and Outlook - lots of duplicates on: February 10, 2013, 08:35:36 PM
I am syncing Outlook 2011 on Mac with Google Apps and I have lots of duplicate calendar entries appearing in Outlook and Google Calendar. This seems to be a common problem (a few people have reported it on this forum).

Can you please tell me how to fix it?

Re: Google Apps Calendar and Outlook - lots of duplicates Reply #1 on: April 16, 2013, 01:48:02 PM

Please, accept our sincerest apologies for the delay in replying. If you are still interested in our service, we will be happy to supply you with all the needful instructions.

The problem, you've described, usually happens when you make changes in events and then switch the synchronization direction, and try to sync modified entries without previous synchronization. On changing synchronization direction syncing history is cleared. So, SyncMate doesn't apply changes and just overwrites events.

Another possible reason, is that you sync similar events on both sides, without the sync history for them. Please note that SyncMate uses own synchronization history as a cache for synced information. In case if you proceed a bi-directional sync of same events without sync history, the software does not verify the relevance of the information, which results into duplications.

In order to resolve this difficulty, try to proceed the following steps:

1. Make sure that iCal (and subsequently Outlook) contains the exact version of calendars, that you want to transfer to Google.

2. Create a complete backup of your calendars, to ensure information safety (iCal --> File --> Export --> Calendars archive...).

3. Navigate to SyncMate "iCal" plugin for connection with your Google account.

4. Press "Delete all events" button and remove all calendars from Google.

5. Press "Reset history" button to clear synchronization log.

6. Proceed a bi-directional sync of your calendars to copy all events from Mac to Google account.

7. Proceed all subsequent synchronization attempts with the same plugin configuration (do not change the sync direction).

This way you will copy the topical version of your calendars to Google and all subsequent attempts will sync only modifications made to the events on either side.

Hope this information was clear enough and useful. If you still encounter any difficulties, feel free to contact our customer service at


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