How to get more Instagram Followers

Instagram Followers

Unless you stay on a deserted island, it is nearly impossible to avoid social networking these days. Why would you want to do it anyways? Apart from enabling you to stay in touch with old friends and meet new people, social networking websites can contribute to promotion and development of your business.

Instagram is easily the fastest growing social networks, and it is understandable – the appeal created by good quality visual media is irresistible. Here we will talk about ways to expand your reach there, they are simple yet prove to be efficient to get more Instagram followers and Instagram likes.

Interact with people

This is the most obvious answer to “How to boost Instagram follower?” question. Interact with people you are interested in, engage them in conversations and discussions; get to know them by liking their pictures and commenting on them. Reply to messages you receive, at times simply acknowledging them might make a lot of difference and help you build genuine connections.

Connect your accounts

If you have an account on Facebook, make sure to connect it to your Instagram account. This will enable sharing your Instagram images with your Facebook friends so they can start following you on both sites and, in turn, share it with their contacts.

Use hashtags

You might want to check what hashtags are the most popular at the moment, see if you want to use one of them or create your own hashtag. Do not use too many of them, two or three per picture should suffice. Relevant hashtags help you find the right people to follow.

Host a contest

This is another good way to increase Instagram followers – host a photo contest, so your followers can upload images and vote for the images uploaded by others. Choose a certain hashtag to be used for pictures, clicking it should display all images participating in the contest.

Promote account offline

In our attempt to get Instagram followers we often tend to forget about offline promotion – let people know about your Instagram account at events you host, print it on visiting cards and booklets. This along with emails, social media and your website should serve the purpose.

Another thing that matters is the way you upload photos to Instagram, upload video to Instagram. As we know, the website has certain restrictions that might hinder you from sharing all what you want to share. You can only post one picture at a time and do it only from a mobile device. But what if you have a whole lot of pictures to share – your catalogue, for example? If you have to go through them one by one, you’ll end up spending quite a lot of time doing it. Unless you get a bulk Instagram uploader for Mac such as Uplet by Eltima. This Instagram photo uploader enables you not only to post multiple pictures or videos at a time, but also upload Instagram from Mac directly. You do not have to send pictures from your Mac to a mobile device first, this allows you to retain the original quality of the pictures, and you can also edit images on Mac using professional software.

Do not get carried away though – your followers might not be happy seeing only your updates in their newsfeed, do not spam them. Also, make sure to post only high quality images – this will certainly be appreciated.


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