GPSGate Splitter Alternative

Most of us would have a basic knowledge of what GPS receivers are and how to use them. However you might not know a little trick that helps you get most of these gadgets. Typically a receiver connected to your computer via serial port can talk only to one application at a time.

However more often than not you would want the device to talk to several applications simultaneously, and there is a software solution that enables you to do that – GpsGate Splitter. This tool is capable of sharing a single GPS between multiple applications by splitting it into multiple virtual ports. Each application gets its own virtual port to interact with, while in reality all of them simultaneously receive the same data from a single physical port.

As you can see, GpsGate software can be really handy, and there are other apps that offer similar functionality. One GpsGate alternative is worth mentioning in particular – GPS Splitter.

GPS Splitter

This utility essentially does the same – it allows multiple applications to simultaneously access and interact with a single port by splitting the latter. The tool combines the functionality offered by three other products of Eltima Software – Serial Splitter, Shared Serial Ports and COM Port Redirector. Apart from sharing a single port between multiple apps, you get to create bundles of ports of different complexity, customize parameters of both virtual and physical ports and much more.

Here is what GPS Splitter can do for you.

Split one hardware port into multiple virtual ports

In a normal scenario a GPS receiver can interact with only one application at a time. So to start interacting with one application you have to make sure that your port is not talking to another app. With GPS Splitter you don’t have to do it anymore – it enables you to share a GPS receiver among several applications.

Split one hardware port

All applications will receive the same data at the same time.

Take control over ports

GPS Splitter gives you full control over your ports – you can create, delete and disable them at any point of time.

Take control over ports

For example: you have two applications, two ports and a single GPS device. One port is free, the other one is infrared so you can’t really use it. With GPS splitter you can connect your device to the free port, split it into two virtual so both applications can start talking to it.

Redirect data from one port to another

GPS Splitter helps you redirect data from one port to another, so you can make two devices to interact with each other. GPS applications typically require COM2 ports to be configured in a special way, GPS Splitter can do it for you.

Redirect data from one port to another

There are flexible settings that allow you to tweak the software functionality according to your requirements.

Create bundles of ports

GPS Splitter can help you create complex bundles out of your ports. For example, it enables you to split data from a virtual port into several flows and direct it to other ports or join several flows into one.

Create bundles of ports

This feature might prove handy in several scenarios. For instance, when you need to connect a GPS emulator app and two programs – the data sent to a virtual port will be split and received by two programs at the OUT end, and the other way round.

Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO

Requirements: Windows XP/2003/2008/Vista/7/8/10/Server 2012/16
, 6.54MB size
Version 9.0.270 (12 Apr, 2018) Release notes
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