Eltima created Airy to back up your personal media content for offline viewing and storing. If you are planning to back up someone else's content, please, be aware, as a user, you are completely responsible for any potential copyright issues.

YouTube HD downloader

If you need to download YouTube videos HD without undue effort, pay your attention to a small but powerful Airy YouTube video downloader HD.
This is a tool that helps you to solve a great number of issues connected with downloading YouTube video and extracting MP3 sound from it.

Also available on Mac
  • Download Videos

    First of all, there are not so many offline apps that allow to download YouTube videos in HD. Even if there are some, they are quite heavy and hard to understand. Airy does it in a simple yet efficient way. Apart from HD videso download, Airy saves entire playlists from YouTube – no need to go through each of the songs one by one.
    First two downloads are free with trial version of Airy.
  • Choose Preferred Quality

    Airy enables choosing a format and resolution of your download, formats supported include MP4, FLV and 3GP. Before making your choice, check where you will most likely watch the downloaded content. For a mobile device a lower quality will be more preferable, while for an HD TV screen you will need the highest quality possible – only then you can hope for the stunning HD viewing experience.
  • Extract Audio

    Extract MP3 files out of the YouTube videos with minimal effort. You don't need a bulky apps anymore to do it. Pick an MP3 format in a drop down list and download a soundtrack with ease.
  • Integrate into Browser

    Intuitive managing. You need to paste the video address link to Airy (or use the integrated bookmark in your browser) and click Download.

Why Airy YouTube video downloader

Airy is a great tool for downloading videos without a fear that it may be deleted or replaced.
Airy allows to download and watch HD resolution videos avoiding the Internet connection.
HD YouTube downloader provides you with the option to transfer the video on any device just with a few clicks.
Software can extract MP3 files out of the YouTube video not even downloading the latter one.
It gives you a freedom to download and watch any YouTube video without boarders.
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  • Airy for Mac

    Download YouTube videos, choose video quality & resolution, convert video into MP3 format.