How to map USB to COM with USB to Serial Converter

Many computers manufactured today do not include a COM port, though the RS232 communication protocol is still in wide use. This can be a problem if you want to talk to serial devices. You need a serial port, but there are only USB ports available. The solution is to map USB to serial ports.


  1. Software solution to map USB to COM
  2. Map USB to Serial port with hardware adapter
  3. The bottom line
Map USB to COM

Here’s a typical scenario. You have a printer and computer that have USB ports, but an application that can only use a printer on a COMx port. In this situation, a physical Serial-to-USB converter will not resolve your problem. You need a software solution that tricks the operating system and can map a USB port to a COM port. Your printing application is simply sending bit streams that need to go to a COM port, so your solution must present a virtual COM port instead of the physical USB port.

You may find some specific drivers for Serial-to-USB adapters on the Internet, but what you really need is a USB to COM Converter application.

USB to Serial Converter to map
your USB to COM

USB to Serial Сonverter is an innovative application that facilitates communication between USB peripheral equipment and serial-based applications. It accomplishes this by capturing data sent by USB devices and converting it into serial signals.

USB to COM Сonverter lets you create dependable connections between your computer’s USB ports and any COM-enabled software application. It is designed to map USB to serial ports by creating a virtual COM port.

Using this application, you can furnish your computer with virtual serial ports that will communicate with the physical COM ports of your serial devices. This software tool is a perfect solution for the creation of secure USB to RS232 communications.

Major benefits offered by the USB to RS232 software solution

This state-of-the-art USB to serial solution provides a number of benefits and will assist you in resolving a wide range of issues. Some of the benefits of using this software to map USB to COM ports are:

  • Out of the box solution

    This dedicated communication software can simply connect any USB device or application to your serial programs, eliminating the need to update your app to include USB support.

  • Device flexibility

    Using USB to Serial Converter lets you use your current stock of USB devices to interact with COM-based applications. No need to purchase new peripheral devices.

  • Cross-platform connectivity

    The Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems are all fully supported by this application.

  • Ease of setup

    Simply install a driver and with minimal configuration, you will be able to use the application on your computer.

A Hardware solution to map USB to Serial

If you choose not to use this elegant solution to map USB to COM ports, you may want to try to a hardware USB to COM adapter. USB to Serial Adapter allows conversion of a USB port to an RS232 DB9 serial port. This allows you to use the port to connect, monitor, and control serial devices.

Map USB to Serial

Using a USB to serial cable can be a time and cost-saving solution when you need to provide serial connectivity. It supports data transfer rates of up to 921.6 Kbps and is a great way to access serial devices such as point-of-sale terminals, serial modems, industrial monitoring equipment, and any other peripheral devices that employ the RS232 protocol.

Easily installed, the USB to RS232 converter works with many operating systems, including Windows® 8, Linux and Mac OS®, simplifying its incorporation into mixed environments.


If you need to map USB to Serial port, you are free to choose the instrument to your exact needs. Software utility seems to be more easy to use, due to it doesn't need any additional cords, adapters, etc. But there are also cases, when the hardware USB to serial adapter may become the only solution to map USB to COM port. So, take a closer look at your own case study and map USB to COM.