SyncMate, your HTC sync manager for Mac

Syncing data on your HTC and Mac has never been easier. No matter what data you need synced or transferred - SyncMate will do this for you in a few clicks.

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HTC sync manager for Mac
HTC contacts and calendars sync Mac

Sync HTC contacts and calendars

With SyncMate you can sync contacts and calendars on HTC with Mac for absolutely free. For your convenience, SyncMate syncs data directly between apps, so you won’t need to unpack files manually - all of your contacts and calendars on HTC will be synced to Mac Contacts and iCal (or vice versa).

Sync media and folders

Expert Edition of SyncMate will sync HTC images, videos, music, playlists and even folders with files to your Mac. No cloud storages or online accounts required. All you need to do is connect HTC directly to your Mac and launch the sync process - that’s all, SyncMate will do the rest for you.

Syncing data automatically

With SyncMate, HTC sync manager for Mac, you can sync data automatically. Just set sync parameters once and they will be implemented during further sync sessions.

Mount HTC as Mac disk

Ever wanted to mount your HTC to Mac and browse its content in Finder? As you probably know, Apple doesn’t offer built-in option to mount devices as Mac disks. Here comes SyncMate! Connect HTC to your Mac, mount it as disk and get access to Android files and folders directly in Finder.

Extra sync options

SyncMate is not just the HTC sync manager for Mac, it offers non-sync options as well. You can text directly on Mac, view and export call history and even back up HTC data on Mac.


As you can see, SyncMate is an irreplaceable HTC synс manager for any Mac user - no more duplicate entries, no need to update data manually. Download SyncMate and it will sync all
you need!

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