Manage and access all bakery equipment from the single host point

The automation of production processes has been increasing steadily. More and more production operations are carried out by mechanical equipment and automated systems which replace human labours. Such process automation helps achieve consistently high quality and cost-effectiveness in different sectors of industrial production

Seamless interaction of production processes is especially crucial in the bakery industry. The implementation of automated industrial lines for the production of baked goods allows bakery systems to be operated more efficiently and economically.

Manage and access all bakery equipment

Real challenge for bakery line developers

Automated bakery lines are typically based on a complex mechanism controlled by specialized industrial computers (controllers). The controllers allow monitoring and managing operation of a wide range of industrial bakery equipment, such as proofing and baking, cooling and freezing, conveying and packaging systems, and more. The communication between PLCs and production lines is usually done via serial ports.

For example, a constant speed conveyor system produces numerous products in varying pan sizes. Sensors along the conveyor detect pan size and report the data to a PLC that controls the line speed. The PLC adjusts the line speed to control the bake time.

The glitches in serial communication, in this case, may lead to serious problems like under or over baking. To avoid such issues, bakery product manufacturers need to improve their control equipment with a dedicated port redirection technology that will increase the reliability of serial connections.

Efficient solution to access the bakery equipment remotely

The simplest way to resolve serial connection issues is Eltima Port Virtualization Technology (EPVT). The technology lets forward serial devices over the network, thus making it possible to access any industrial bakery equipment remotely. EPVT is able to create an unlimited number of virtual COM ports (which are exact copies of real serial ports) in any control system. Connected via virtual COM ports, remote bakery equipment will be recognized by a control machine as though it were physically attached to the controller

Eltima Port Virtualization Technology

Thanks to EPVT, the control hardware (or software) will interact with the production lines over the network and exchange serial signals automatically. For instance, a PLC will be able to receive sensor signals from the baking conveyor without any communication glitches. The production line, in turn, will respond to pan changes with speed and accuracy.

Considerable benefits of Eltima Port Virtualization Technology integration into the bakery production lines:

The use of Eltima Port Virtualization Technology is an important step towards automation of all production lines of an enterprise. With EPVT, developers of specialized software and hardware for control and management of conveyor lines can significantly improve the basic functionality of their products. What’s more, EPVT lets:

  1. Provide your solution with the unique functionality so that you gain a competitive advantage over other manufacturers.
  2. Open new market segments, boost sales of your product, and thus increase the revenue of your company.
  3. The technology can be created for any OS and can include any custom features to meet the specific requirements of the production line.

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