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It’s raining new features on Instagram – stickers, two-factor authentication, Direct messaging and now Collections. What is Instagram Collections? A feature that allows users to organize bookmarks on Instagram by storing them in separate folders, i.e. Collections. Instagram bookmarked posts were introduced in the end of the last year, and not many were happy with the way it worked, as there was no way to sort them out – now, the issue is solved.

Instagram Collections

The way Instagram Collections work is pretty simple:

  • To add a photo or video to a collection, tap and hold the bookmark icon beneath a post you’d like to save. Now tap the plus icon and name your collection. Tap Done – you will see your newly saved image or video in that collection.

  • To add Instagram saved posts to a new collection, go to your profile page and tap the bookmark icon. Tap Collection – this is where all your collections are displayed – choose the one you need, tap the menu icon on the top right side, then Add to Collection. Select posts to be added and tap Done.

  • To delete a Collection, tap Collection on the profile page and choose the one you want to remove. Tap the menu icon and select Edit Collection > Delete. To rename a collection, instead of choosing ‘Delete’ enter a new name and tap Done.
Instagram bookmarked posts

Some of you would have noticed that Instagram’s Collections reminds of Pinterest, a popular platform for searching for style tips, planning your next trip, inspirational quotes, etc. Yes, a lot. The only difference is that all of your Instagram collections remain private unless you want to share a set of separate photos with someone via Direct messaging. On Pinterest it works the other way round: by default boards you create there are for everyone to see, unless you make it Secret. However we suspect that it is just a matter of time for Instagram to add the ability to make your Collections public, this can happen any time soon – watch out.

The feature is available to those who have updated their app to version 10.16.

Uploader for Instagram Mac

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Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 16.15MB size
Version 1.5.214 (13th Dec, 2018) Release notes
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