Tips for using Instagram Stories

Stories is an Instagram feature that allows you to post a set of pictures that will play like a slideshow for the entire day and then disappear. Very similar to Snapchat’s My Story this feature has become extremely popular immediately after it was first introduced.

Instagram Stories tips

Curious about Instagram Stories? How to use them?

Here’s your step-by-step guide:

  1. On top of your Instagram home screen to the left you’ll see the blue Plus button that says ‘My story’, tap it. Else, swipe to the right to get a quicker access to Stories.

  2. On the screen displayed use the circle button to take a picture – tap the button; or record a video – tap and hold.

    It is also possible to share images from your photo gallery as Instagram Stories. How to post them – swipe down and choose an image from the gallery displayed. Do note that you can use only those photos you have taken in the last 24 hrs. We’ll talk about live events, Boomerang and hands free mode a bit later.

  3. Edit your photos or videos using the options given on top of the screen – add a caption, emoji or drawing.

  4. Now, what do you do with your Story?

    • To share your image, tap Your Story button. It is possible to hide your Stories from a particular follower using Hide My Story From in Story Settings. If you realize you’d want your Story live forever, use Share as Post option – the picture will become a regular post.

    • To download it on your phone – Save button, see if you want to use Always Save Photos and Videos option in Story Settings.

    • To send a Story to a friend – tap Arrow, the image vanishes after your friends have seen it.

If you want to create a slideshow, add more than one photo or video repeating the above steps, they will be displayed on your page for 24 hours as Instagram stories. How to view Stories – there is a special section on top of your followers’ news feed, your profile pic displayed there will notify your follower that you have a story to share with them.

Instagram Stories view

Now, Boomerang is a feature that allows uploading short videos that keep playing forward and backward. On the Stories screen – see step 2 – choose Boomerang option. Tap record to take a sequence of photos. Hands-free option allows you to record a video without – guess what? – hands. Live option is similar to Facebook’s live video, your Instagram Stories bubble will have a Live tag to notify your followers that you are live at the moment.

Boomerang feature Instagram

The way Story feed is sorted depends pretty much on Instagram – as of now there is no way to customize it. One thing you can do is to mute someone’s stories – then they’ll be sent to the end of the feed. You cannot comment on Stories, but you can message the person if you have something to say about their Story.

Now, you might be wondering if there is a special Instagram uploader suitable for Stories. There is – Uplet is one uploader for Instagram Mac owners love to use. It allows posting multiple pictures in one go that might prove very useful for Instagram stories. The developers of this Instagram photo uploader, it works as Instagram video uploader as well, are constantly working on making it better – be sure that it is always up to date with latest developments on Instagram.


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