Use your Mac keyboard for iOS 10 devices

This month the long awaited iOS 10, the milestone version, is made available for download. Those who have already installed the update on their Apple products seem to be happy with the changes it brought, including new look and increased productivity. iPhone and iPad owners report that QuickType suggestions have been improved and using messaging clients is certainly more convenient now. However iOS 10 keyboard is still a touch screen keyboard, so the problem of typing long texts and composing mails on your mobile devices is far from being solved.

Typeeto with iOS 10 devices

You might be wondering, what keyboard iOS users could use instead? Why not of your Mac’s? No matter how good you have become at using the touch screen keyboard for iOS devices, nothing will ever replace the feeling of click clucking on a full-scale hardware keyboard. Besides, iOS and OS X share lots of common elements, so there won’t be any no transition issue for a user. Just imagine how cool it would be to control your iPhone from your Mac, use Mac keyboard on iPad or as a Bluetooth keyboard for iPhone or as Apple TV keyboard? You might wonder, “How do you do it?”

Typeeto connect your iOS 10 device

There is special software that allows you to do it – Typeeto

The application developed by Eltima Software enables you to use your Mac’s keyboard as iOS Bluetooth keyboard – iPhone Bluetooth keyboard, Apple TV Bluetooth keyboard and other devices that support Bluetooth functionality. Typeeto does not need Internet connection to work.

This iOS keyboard app allows copy-pasting a text from Mac to a mobile device, e.g. you can conveniently type in your Mac’s text editor, copy the text and paste it in a messaging service on your mobile or tablet. This will surely save you time and effort.

Typeeto Preferences window

The number of devices that can be paired with your Mac is unlimited; you can connect as many of them as you need to – switch Bluetooth keyboard between Mac and iPad, control iPhone from Mac, etc. Use a mouse click to switch between multiple connected devices or assign a hotkey to each of them – you won’t even have to take hands off the keyboard.

Typeeto is a very handy app for devices running iOS 10, not only you can synchronize all iOS devices, but also make most of best iOS keyboard – your Mac’s keyboard.

All you need to do now is to download Typeeto from App Store and install it on your Mac. Now turn on Bluetooth on Mac and devices to be connected and pair them. No other applications or special setup are required – could it be any easier?


Requirements: OS X 10.9.5 , 5.4MB size
Version 1.4.3(124) (9th Jul, 2017) Release notes
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