Is there any iPad file transfer for Mac?

How would you like to have just one app for all your iPad file transfer for Mac tasks?
Moreover one app that doesn't just transfer files, but also syncs iPad and Mac?
This one app that you need is called SyncMate - it also allows mounting iPad on Mac and browse its files in Finder as if it was an external drive connected to computer. Not only SyncMate offers Mac iPad file transfer, it wins its users with the ability to sync iPad and Mac directly.

Go on reading to know more about SyncMate and its iPad file transfer Mac possibilities.

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Mount iPad as Mac disk

Mount and transfer files from Mac to iPad and back

With the help of SyncMate accessing your media folder on iPad is easy and fun right from Finder app. Note that due to iOS limitations sync and transfer is always carried through Media folder.

How to transfer iPad files on Mac

Mount your device on Mac as an external drive and enjoy the simplicity of Mac data transfer with iPad: you can drag the files with a mouse cursor from Media folder to a folder on your hard drive. Remember: when you are moving files from Mac to iPad, they are only available for storage (this is because of iOS limitations).

Transfer calendar events and contacts

For contacts and calendars it is not just a transfer, it is synchronization - everything is updated on both Mac and iPad according to the latest changes. The best news? It is all available in free edition of SyncMate!

Sync Media folder content

Anything you add to Media folder will be updated on both synced devices. It is very convenient as you'll instantly have access to the latest content anywhere. Please don't forget that iOS specifics limit the usage of files transferred to iPad, whereas files transferred to Mac are available for full usage.

Sync browser bookmarks

SyncMate will help you always get access to your favorite web pages on both Mac and iPad. SyncMate Expert syncs Safari bookmarks between Mac and iPad, so you have everything at your fingertips.

Sync photos and music

Music and Photos content are synced directly by SyncMate - no intermediary apps or clouds involved. Convenient automatic synchronization will save you plenty of time and your favorite content will always be up-to-date.

Sync is performed with ~/User/Media folder on iPad.

Automatic sync in the background

As SyncMate can serve so many purposes with file transfer and data synchronization it is only logical that everything it does can be done automatically and quietly in the background. The settings need to be adjusted once up to your preferences and from then on you'll have the most actual data on both Mac and iPad without even noticing.

Additional possibilities

SyncMate is a very versatile app that takes care of multiple iPad data transfer Mac tasks for your convenience. It also allows you to backup your iPad data and restore the backup if needed.


Hopefully with all given information you'll know exactly how to transfer iPad data on Mac. No doubt SyncMate will be an irreplaceable assistant in this matter.

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