Is there a Mac iPhone 7 file transfer?

Are you looking for something that would allow you to transfer files from Mac to iPhone 7? We have a great recommendation for you - SyncMate. This app can transfer iPhone 7 files on Mac easily and combines many roles in one interface so you never have to look for any other app like this.
The versatility of SyncMate never ceases to amaze: mount iPhone 7 on Mac and browse through its files in your macOS Finder; synchronize various data between your computer and phone directly without any intermediary apps or services (such as cloud storages).

Read further to find out more about the iPhone 7 file transfer Mac software.

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Mount iPhone 7 as Mac disk

Map iPhone 7 to Mac for data transfer

Mount your iPhone 7 as a Mac disk and access Media folder on your phone and all of its content through Finder. You can transfer files with your mouse cursor.

How to transfer iPhone 7 data on Mac

With a mouse cursor! How does that sound for a change? Simply drag the files from iPhone's media folder to your Mac computer. One thing to note though is that iOS limitations allow you to transfer files to Mac for full usage, but restrict the usage of the same files to only storing them on iPhone.

Transfer contacts and calendars

Not only is SyncMate a diligent assistant in transferring iPhone 7 files on Mac, but it also synchronizes contacts and calendars between your computer and iPhone. You'll never need to update contact info or calendar appointments one by one - SyncMate takes care of this and does it for free!

Sync Media folder files

For iPhone 7 data transfer with Mac SyncMate can update Media folder contents whenever you add something new to it. As soon as the folders sync, the newly added content appears on both sides.
Remember about the iOS usage limitations: files transferred to iPhone will only be stored there, and those transferred from iPhone to Mac can be used.

Sync bookmarks

Saved some interesting websites that you want to get back to later? You are not bound to your Mac though if you have SyncMate. Sync Safari bookmarks from Mac to iPhone or vice versa and browse cool content whenever you feel like it.

Sync images and music

Sync what you have in Music and Photos directly between iPhone and Mac. Not only is it direct synchronization, but it can also be completely automatic: choose the most fitting settings just once and enjoy doing nothing and still having everything up-to-date.

Sync is performed with ~/User/Media folder on iPhone.

Sync automatically in the background

SyncMate is a multipurpose app that syncs a variety of data on multiple devices. Additionally it offers automatic synchronization which makes everything super easy. Choose what you want to sync and how exactly you want it to be done. From then on you don't even have to remember about updating your data: SyncMate will be doing all the work quietly in the background.

Wait, there's more!

Additionally to Mac data transfer with iPhone 7, SyncMate offers rather anticipated features. For example it offers the possibility to manage your iPhone text messages on Mac - compose, send, read, remove with ease. You can view your call history and export it to a file if you need to keep it for reference. Also you can benefit with Backup plugin to create a reserve copy for your iPhone to restore it later.


Feel free to download and use free version of SyncMate for your contacts and calendars transfer between Mac and iPhone 7.

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