What about iPhone 8 file transfer for Mac?

How does an app that can handle Mac iPhone 8 file transfer and other various tasks sound to you? Doesn't it sound exciting?! With SyncMate you can forget about getting different apps for different types of problems to be solved - it is a do-it-all software that can sync and transfer iPhone 8 files on Mac easily.
There is so much you can do with SyncMate - it is so versatile! You can mount iPhone 8 on Mac and browse through its files from Finder. Additionally to letting you transfer files from Mac to iPhone 8 and back, SyncMate can also sync data between your computer and phone directly without any intermediaries (such as clouds for example).

Scroll further to see what this iPhone 8 file transfer Mac app has to offer.

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Mount iPhone 8 as Mac disk

Map iPhone 8 for data transfer on Mac

With the help of our app, you can access iPhone 8 media folder in your Finder. One thing to note is that iOS limits the file transfer to Media folder on iPhone.

How to transfer iPhone 8 data on Mac

Transferring files with SyncMate is fun! Drag the iPhone 8 files with a mouse cursor from media folder to your Mac. With iOS limitations though, when you transfer files on Mac they can be fully used, whereas when you move them to iPhone, they are stored there, but not fully usable.

Transfer contacts and calendars

Your personal data stored in Contacts and Calendar is always up-to-date on both iPhone 8 and Mac, if you let SyncMate handle it of course. What can be better than being able to synchronize your events and contacts for free!

Sync Media folder files

Media folder can be constantly updated between your iPhone and Mac - just tell SyncMate to take care of it. Whatever you copy in there, will be synced in a timely manner. NB: iOS limits the usage of files synced to iPhone 8, albeit files you sync to Mac are available for regular usage.

Sync bookmarks

Have some interesting web pages that you'll definitely want to revisit in the future? Let SyncMate keep Safari bookmarks up-to-date between your Mac and iPhone 8 so you can access favorite pages whenever you need.

Sync photos and music

Both Music and Photos can be synced directly from iPhone to Mac and back. Automatic synchronization is available also: setup everything just once and enjoy doing nothing and still having everything up-to-date.

Sync is performed with ~/User/Media folder on iPhone.

Automatic sync in the background

SyncMate is a multi-featured app for all sorts of sync tasks. This is why automatic sync is such a huge part of our app - you don't even have to remember to sync anything, simply choose the settings once and SyncMate will be doing all the work quietly in the background from then on.

Wait, SyncMate can do even more!

SyncMate is an overachiever of an app, having the ability to replace many other software solutions for your convenience. In addition to syncing and transferring iPhone 8 files on Mac, SyncMate supports text messages and call history management directly on Mac. Also you can create a secure backup for your iPhone 8 and restore it when needed.


Don't hesitate to try free SyncMate for your Mac data transfer iPhone 8 tasks, and if you decide to invest in it we are sure you'll be more than happy with its quality.

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