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How do you like the idea of an iPhone file transfer for Mac app that can handle many tasks and also synchronize iPhone content with Mac? Just one SyncMate is a highly effective solution that can help you with Mac iPhone file transfer and other challenges.
SyncMate is a quite unique and versatile software that offers many possibilities including that one of mounting iPhone on Mac and browsing its files from Finder in the same manner as with regular external drives. Not only can SyncMate transfer files from Mac to iPhone, but it can also directly sync data between your computer and phone.

Keep on scrolling and finding out what our transfer app has to offer for you.

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Mount iPhone as Mac disk

Map device and transfer iPhone files on Mac

You can get an effortless access to the media folder on iPhone directly from your Finder app. At this time because of the iOS limitations the file transfer is carried via Media folder only.

How to transfer iPhone data on Mac

File transfer with SyncMate is a pleasant process! Simply drag the iPhone files with a mouse cursor from media folder to your machine. With the current iOS limitations in place files moved from Mac to iPhone are only available for storage.

Transfer contacts and calendars

SyncMate is good at personal data sync - contacts and calendar events are almost pedantically updated between Mac and iPhone. Great news is - calendars and contacts are synced for free!

Sync Media folder files

Whenever you add anything to your Media folder it can be synced right away between your connected devices. The only thing to keep in mind is that iOS limits the usage of files synced to iPhone, whereas files you sync to Mac are available for full usage.

Sync bookmarks

What was that link with the best Christmas presents? Where did I see the must-watch list of movies for this year? These questions won't exist in your head simply because you can bookmark your favorite pages and SyncMate will sync them between your Mac and iPhone.

Sync photos and music

Sync Music and Photos contents directly between iPhone and Mac without any other apps in between. SyncMate also offers the possibility to synchronize everything automatically, which will save you a lot of time.

Sync is performed with ~/User/Media folder on iPhone.

Automatic sync in the background

SyncMate is a versatile tool fit to solve various synchronization tasks. That's why it also features automatic sync, so you don't even have to remember to sync anything, just set all parameters once and SyncMate will be doing all the work quietly in the background from then on.

Wait, SyncMate can do more!

SyncMate is a do-it-all application, capable of replacing many other apps for your convenience. Additionally to syncing and transferring iPhone files on Mac, SyncMate lets you work with text messages and call history directly from Mac. Also you can create secure backup files for your iPhone and restore them when needed.


Don't wait any longer - try free SyncMate for all your iPhone file transfer Mac tasks to see how it will suit your requirements.

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