iPod touch file transfer for Mac is here for you

One single app for all your syncing and file transfer needs - how convenient is that? Meet SyncMate - a universal multi tasker app that spares you of having to update everything manually between Mac and iPod touch and does everything quietly with the highest standards in mind.
So here's what makes SyncMate so unique: additionally to iPod touch file transfer for Mac it allows you to mount iPod touch on Mac as an external drive for easy access from Finder app. Also SyncMate offers the direct synchronization for Mac and iPod touch, which in many cases can be even better than Mac iPod touch file transfer.

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Mount iPod touch as Mac disk

Mount and transfer iPod touch files on Mac

You can easily mount your iPod touch just as another Mac drive with SyncMate Expert. This way you can get an instant access to iPod touch Media folder from Finder app and manage files stored there.

How to transfer iPod touch data on Mac

Once mounted, iPod touch Media folder is available for easy file management and transfer just by dragging the files with a mouse cursor. Please note: when you move files from Mac to iPod, they are only available for storage (due to iOS limitations), and when you move them in the opposite direction, the files are available for full usage.

Sync your contacts and calendars

Not only is SyncMate a Mac data transfer iPod touch solution, it is first of all a high-quality personal data sync tool - it can sync calendar events and contacts between iPod touch and Mac. The best part? It is free!

Sync folders

You can set up Media folder to be synced between connected iPod touch and Mac. This way, whatever you add to this folder, will be updated on both devices. One thing to keep in mind though are iOS limitations: files synced to iPod touch will be available for storage, and those you sync from iPod to Mac are available for usage.

Sync bookmarks

Make your Safari bookmarks always available on all devices you sync with SyncMate for the most effortless access to your favorite content.

Sync images and music

There is no doubt syncing favorite photos and good music is easier with an iPod touch file transfer Mac app than it would be manually. Automatic synchronization is even better, as it saves a lot of time and you don't have to remember to initiate the sync - the app will do everything without any additional prompts.

Sync is performed with ~/User/Media folder on iPod touch.

Automatic sync in the background

Every piece of data you need to be synced and transfer between your Mac and iPod touch can be synced by SyncMate whenever you connect your device to computer. Set everything up to your liking and let SyncMate do its job well.

Oh wait, SyncMate can do more!

SyncMate is so versatile, it can replace multiple apps. Additionally to all its transfer and synchronization options, it offers iPod touch data backup on Mac.


If you've been searching for one app that can do all the transferring of iPod touch files on Mac, you'll find SyncMate to be extremely satisfying. Go ahead and download its free edition!

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