PhotoBulk converts images from JPG to GIF on Mac

Most of us must have learned the basics of image editing by now – crop, align, retouch, adjust exposure, brightness, shadows, etc. However choosing the right format for saving images might still be an issue – especially if you work in different applications or have to exchange pictures with others or upload them to the Internet. One has to choose the format carefully, but even if you missed the right one, do not worry – it is always possible to convert an image from one format to another using a graphic converter for Mac.

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In this article we’ll speak about converting images from JPG to GIF and the other way round with the help of a bulk image converter for Mac. JPG and PNG are commonly used formats and we hope you’ll find the info below helpful.

JPG/ JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) is the format we are all familiar with, thanks to its wide acceptance online. Most – if not all websites – support it. JPG/ JPEG files support lossy compression, so they are of the least size possible compared to other formats. However, this comes at a price – some data is lost during the compression that is why it is called ‘lossy’ after all. JPG format removes what it considers as visually unimportant, and it mostly does a good job – we would not see much difference after saving an image in a JPG format. Most digital cameras store photos in JPG format thus enabling to take more pictures on a single memory card. JPEG files are not really good for line drawings or logos and other graphics – the straight lines you see on them appear to be slightly distorted, jagged.

GIF (Graphic Interchange Format) is another format popular on the web. It is good for computer-generated images, e.g. Corel Draw, and images that are made up of a limited number of colors. GIF employs a lossless form of compression, i.e. the one that preserves every pixel of the original image, hence, GIF images are never as small as those in JPG format. In short, GIF is better for solid colors, displaying details and text, while JPEG is certainly better for photographic images and it occupies less space.

Now, if you need to convert JPG to GIF Mac-compatible or GIF to JPG or vice versa, how do you do it? With the help of a good software tool. Get yourself an image converter Mac owner could use, and if you often have to work with multiple images at a time, opt for a batch image converter Mac-compatible. This will allow you to convert multiple images from one format to another in one go, there is no need to go through the images one-by-one. PhotoBulk by Eltima is a Mac batch image converter, we recommend having look at. The application is compact yet very powerful, it is capable of processing hundreds of images in a very little time.

This is the way to convert JPG to GIF Mac users will appreciate:

Convert jpg to gif
  1. Download the Mac image converter, install – the installation process is very easy – and launch it on your Mac.
  2. Now to change JPG to GIF Mac-style, select images to be converted and drag-and-drop them into the app’s window.
  3. Choose ‘Optimize’ option and click ‘Start’. Specify that you need to convert JPG to GIF. Mac-style is that – easy and efficient.

That’s it – thanks to PhotoBulk now you can experiment with your GIF images. If required, convert them back to JPG with the help of the same image converter for Mac, it works both ways – JPG to GIF converter Mac and GIF to JPG converter Mac.


Requirements: OS X 10.10+ , 9.73MB free space
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