Keepvid doesn't work? Let's solve the problem


KeepVid is one of the most popular online video downloaders people use to download videos straight from streaming sites such as YouTube. While millions of people trust the service, there are times that KeepVid doesn’t work. If KeepVid doesn’t work on Mac for you either then don’t worry as we’re here to show you how to solve the problem. We’ve also got an excellent KeepVid alternative for Mac that you can use because KeepVid not working with Mac is a more common problem than you might realise.

Before going into what might be causing a problem that leaves KeepVid not working with YouTube, we want to discuss an alternative option for downloading YouTube videos on a Mac. You might enjoy using our alternative so much that you forget about KeepVid entirely and the problems that come with using it. Consider using Airy YouTube Downloader the next time that KeepVid doesn’t work.

Try Airy YouTube Downloader in case Keepvid is out of work

Airy YouTube Downloader is a great alternative to KeepVid on Mac. If you enjoy downloading MP4 and MP3 versions of YouTube videos then you’re bound to love being able to do all this – and more – with Airy YouTube Downloader. Here’s a look at what Airy can do for you:

  • Download an entire YouTube playlist in video or audio format.
  • Download an entire YouTube channel.
  • Download a private YouTube video.

It’s simple to use Airy by following these steps:

  1. Download the Airy program from the website and activate the full version. Airy allows for two free downloads.
  2. Find the YouTube video, channel, or playlist to download and copy and paste the link into the Airy interface.
  3. Choose the file format and whether you want to save video or just audio. If you only want the audio then choose MP3. Please note that the more videos you download the longer the process can take.
  4. Click on the download button to get started.

All of the files are saved in the Downloads folder on your computer unless you adjust the location in the Preferences menu.

Now let’s look at the reason that KeepVid doesn’t work on YouTube

There’s no sound in the KeepVid video you download

One of the most common problems KeepVid users report is that the video they download from YouTube doesn’t have any sound. This problem can persist even after downloading the video several times. The problem can be caused by the video being corrupted or because you chose to download just the video and not the audio.

KeepVid is not working and doesn’t download videos

Another common issue is that KeepVid doesn’t download the video in question. Users may find that this problem occurs no matter which video they try to download because the reality is that KeepVid isn’t completely stable. The problem also can’t be solved by reinstalling KeepVid or by enabling Java on Mac or Windows systems.

502 Bad Gateway Issue

Users may encounter an error that says “502 Bad Gateway – The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server”. This problem can occur any number of times, and it’s related to the maintenance of the KeepVid servers.

Problems With Video Playback

Video playback problems commonly occur when downloading 480p videos. Problems include the video player having trouble playing the video, but there’s no filename attached to the video and they all have titles like “video playback”. It also sometimes happens when users download a video correctly, but others who download the video still have the videoplayback.mp4 filename error.

KeepVid not Working on Mac

Some people that use KeepVid on their mac report getting a message when they want to use KeepVid but find that they can’t click on the “allow” button because it never activates. This is a problem that is thought to be related to the program needing Java to run correctly. Mac users will have to adjust their systems to allow for Java to run before using KeepVid but Windows users shouldn’t encounter this problem.


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