SyncMate, your Lenovo suite for Mac

Lenovo PC suite for Mac allows for an easy sync of your Lenovo device and Mac computer. Just a few clicks and all that you need will be updated between device and computer.

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Lenovo suite for Mac
 Lenovo contacts and calendars sync Mac

Sync Lenovo contacts and calendars

SyncMate is easily your Lenovo suite Mac app - sync contacts and calendars with Mac for absolutely free. There is no need to do anything manually - SyncMate does all the work and does so directly with the corresponding apps - Contacts and iCal (or vice versa) in this case.

Sync media and folders

SyncMate Expert Edition can synchronize Lenovo and Mac images, videos, music, playlists and even folders with files. There is no need to send any data through intermediary apps or cloud services as everything is performed directly by SyncMate.

Automatic Lenovo sync Mac

Once you decide what data you want to sync and when, you can setup your personal preferences and let SyncMate do it automatically and effectively.

Mount Lenovo as Mac disk

There is no native option in Apple computers to mount various devices as Mac disks, let alone Android ones. To help with these matters, SyncMate lets you mount Lenovo device on Mac and work with its contents in Finder.

Extra sync possibilities

Not only can SyncMate synchronize Lenovo with Mac, but it also has a range of non-sync possibilities: text directly from your Mac, view and export call history and backup Lenovo
data on Mac.


SyncMate is probably the top choice for a Lenovo suite for Mac - works silently in the background, meticulously updating your data on both computer and phone or tablet, so you never miss a thing. Download free edition of SyncMate to test its capabilities.

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