Sync data between Mac and LG phones with LG Bridge for Mac alternative

Our LG suite for Mac provides an easy way to sync your LG device and Mac computer. A couple of effortless clicks and all you need will be updated between your phone or tablet and computer.

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LG contacts and calendars sync Mac

Sync LG phones with Mac - contacts and calendars

Make SyncMate your LG bridge for Mac - sync contacts and calendars on LG with your Mac for free. SyncMate works with Contacts and iCal on Mac and corresponding apps on LG phones directly.

Sync images, videos, folders, and more

Use SyncMate Expert as an LG bridge for Mac that can synchronize mobile device with Mac images, videos, music, playlists and even folders with files and vice versa. SyncMate does its job directly without any intermediary apps or clouds, so you can count on a secure and timely synchronization.

Automatic sync for LG and Mac

It takes just one time to set up SyncMate up to your personal preferences and after then all synchronization is performed automatically - quietly in the background.

Mount LG device as Mac disk

As Apple computers don't offer any built-in possibility to mount devices on Mac, third-party tool come to help - use SyncMate as LG bridge for Mac utility and easily mount LG device on Mac and manage its contents in Finder.

More LG and Mac possibilities

Additionally to multiple synchronization options, SyncMate offers extra possibilities like texting and managing your text messages directly from your Mac, look through and export call history and backup LG data on Mac.


SyncMate is the top choice as an LG bridge for Mac. It works efficiently and fast, making sure all your data is updated on both your computer and phone or tablet. Give free SyncMate a try and see how smoothly and confidently it will take care of all your personal data.

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