How to move Mac data to Huawei?

Researching the ways to move Mac data to Huawei? We have an answer to your search criteria - SyncMate - a powerful application that can solve such tasks as moving contacts and calendar events from Mac to Huawei without any effort from your side.

And SyncMate will not only be a faster way to do this, but also a reliable and safe one, additionally providing you with automatic options.

Did we get your attention? Please scroll further to learn all you wanted about moving Mac data to Huawei devices.

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About SyncMate

About SyncMate

SyncMate is a mighty software application with a toolbox for every occasion. It will synchronize contacts, calendars, photos, videos, music, and more seamlessly. And it supports many other Android devices as well.

Mount Huawei device on Mac

SyncMate provides you with the possibility to mount Android Huawei as a Mac disk in an instant so you can access its files from Finder and get the option of copying, deleting or moving files around with your mouse cursor.

Finder app features for your Huawei

Manage Huawei content the same way you are other external drives: move many folders at a time, copy files to many folders at a time, archive several files, and more.

Contacts and Calendars

You can move Mac contacts to Huawei as well as Mac calendar to Huawei with SyncMate for absolutely free. Finally you can have some rest and SyncMate will meticulously sync contacts and calendars between your Mac and Huawei.

Let the music flow

If you don't want to part with your music even when being away from computer, then our Mac media to Huawei solution is right for you - SyncMate will move your favorite songs to your phone and you can enjoy them on the go.

Manage photos and videos

Whether you want to move Mac photos to Huawei or Mac images to Huawei it is an easy task for SyncMate. It performs image and video synchronization well and offers such advanced options as changing image resolutions and converting videos to various formats.

Send texts from your Mac

Texting your friends or colleagues is often more convenient for both sides as it is less distracting for a receiver, however trying to type a long message on a smartphone is not the most optimistic task. Great news - with SyncMate you can type your SMS messages on Mac keyboard and manage all your existing ones on Mac's large screen!

Sync Mac folders to Huawei

With SyncMate you can of course sync Mac files to Huawei but you can also sync folders full of files at once. A tip from us - you can dedicate one folder for all the files you wish to keep up-to-date between Mac and Huawei and place the required files in it.

Integration with your favorite apps

SyncMate is more than happy (as an app can be) to do any boring job for you and does it very well. It works directly with Address Book and Contacts apps as well as with Music libraries on both devcies and doesn't involve any clouds or third-party apps.

Cherry on the cake

All features described can be set to sync automatically for your convenience. Whenever the devices are connected SyncMate will update everything in the background.


Still hesitating on whether you need an app to move Mac data to Huawei? Just download free SyncMate and give it a try!

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