Upload to Instagram from Mac computer

Discover how to upload to Instagram from Mac including your photos and videos. Long gone are the days when Instagram was just starting out as a small community of people sharing their visual perception of the surrounding world. It grew immensely, and is now a large platform where you can find all sorts of visual content. Let's see how you can also post to Instagram from Mac when you want to share your photos faster and type longer captions.

Post to Instagram from Mac in Safari

Instagram is a mobile app, and it is not possible to use it on Mac. Well, almost not possible. There is a workaround that you can try to make Instagram "think" you are using its website via a browser on iPhone, which actually allows for photo uploads.

Instagram from Mac in Safari

So to do this open Safari then go to Preferences -> Advanced and in Menu Bar switch "Show Develop Menu" on. Then open Instagram website in Safari and log in to your account. Now choose Develop > User Agent > Safari – iOS 10 – iPhone. If the Instagram website doesn't refresh automatically, do so manually to display the mobile version of the website that offers upload functionality (although a limited one). The editing options are basic ones: rotate, choose between 16:9 or square aspect ratio, and there is no way to post videos.

Post on Instagram from Mac
via a third-party app

There are different apps that offer multiple options including checking your feed and sharing to Instagram from Mac. We'll have a look at the Uplet Instagram app for Mac.

Instagram from Mac with Uplet

Uplet is a simple little app that allows uploading photos and videos to Instagram in batches – just drag and drop your shared content onto the Uplet window. You can post all of them at once or you can edit every shared image individually with unique captions, cropping images to a desired size, posting high-resolution images with original proportions or staying true to classic Instagram squares.

If you are just casually posting once a day or even less, you may not be needing a power app like this, but if you are an avid Instagram user or promoting a business of yours, you'll find a great convenience in bulk photo upload with the possibility to type captions from the convenience of your full sized keyboard on Mac. It doesn't yet support the new multi-photo post feature of Instagram, however we are hoping it will be added soon.

You can get Uplet for $19.95 on the Uplet website.


Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 16.15MB size
Version 1.5.214 (13th Dec, 2018) Release notes
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