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Say hi to SyncMate - your powerful and friendly assistant and Motorola suite for Mac! Thanks to this Motorola suite Mac app your computer and phone will be kept in perfect sync with everything meticulously updated between them.

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Motorola suite for Mac
Moto contacts and calendars sync Mac

Sync Motorola and Mac contacts and calendars

Your Motorola contacts and calendars are synced with Mac easily and for free with SyncMate. Our app interacts directly with the corresponding calendar and contacts apps without anything in between, so you can count on a reliable and
secure synchronization.

Media files and folders

Our Motorola suite for Mac software also comes in Expert edition that opens a wide range of flexible options. With this edition of Motorola device manager for Mac one can sync (directly and securely) images, music, playlists, and folders containing files between Motorola and Mac.

Sync Motorola and Mac automatically

The majority of users choose SyncMate as their Motorola device manager for Mac because it offers a wonderful option of syncing everything automatically. Just setup your preferences once, and from then on SyncMate will do its job without you having to worry about backups and synchronization.

Mount Motorola as a disk on Mac

There is no native utility for syncing Apple computers with Android devices. That's why SyncMate had to step in: map your mobile device on computer and feel free to browse and manage its contents directly from Finder.

More possibilities for Motorola devices

Not only are you able to sync personal data (calendars and contacts) and files between your computer and mobile device, you also have the possibility to backup your Motorola data on your machine, browse your call history and export it to a file if needed, create and send text messages from your Mac using its full-sized keyboard.


Given all offered options SyncMate makes a perfect free Motorola suite for Mac if you need to sync contacts and calendars. May you need more you can get Expert edition for advanced possibilities and lots of useful options.

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