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CloudMounter – Mount Google Drive for Windows computer

Manage your docs and sheets like they are all on your computer. It is so easy with CloudMounter that you won't even feel any difference from local file management. Google Drive cloud storage as network drive works just as well as any other local disk on your computer but without taking any space on it! You can manage one of your accounts absolutely free!

Mount Google Drive

CloudMounter is of great help for Google Drive for Windows usage. It offers you a centralized management of your online documentation - create new, delete, edit, download, and upload files in Google Drive directly from Windows Explorer.

Multiple Windows Google Drive connections

No matter how many Google Drive accounts you own you can work with all of them in Windows Explorer with the help of our Google Drive app for Windows.

Connect your multiple cloud accounts together

With the "bridges" built with CloudMounter you can move and copy files between your Google Drive accounts without having to save anything to your computer.

Explorer Integration

Mount cloud storage as drive on your Windows machine and work with your cloud files the same way you would with local ones in Windows Explorer.
Why CloudMounter is the first choice for users
First of all its versatility and safety attracts users from all over the world. But then there is also the fact that it works with different cloud storages. Additionally to being a Google Drive Windows app CloudMounter works with Dropbox and Microsoft's OneDrive services.

Cloud data encryption

While setting up encryption of the data you protect your clouds and servers thus making them accessible only from your CloudMounter.

Integration with Windows Explorer

CloudMounter does its best effort to work seamlessly with Windows Explorer so that users are getting the smoothest connection with the clouds and use them just as any of the local drives on a computer.

Constantly improving

The CloudMounter team never stops seeking new ideas and working on their implementations to make our product everyone's first choice to connect Google Drive to Windows in the most effective way.

All supported services

Additionally to being able to map Google Drive as network drive on Windows you can work with Dropbox, Amazon S3 and Microsoft OneDrive directly from Windows Explorer.

CloudMounter for Windows

CloudMounter for Windows is fully compatible with Win 7 SP1 and newer. Requires 25.66MB of free space, latest version 1.8.1621. Released 26 Jan, 2022.

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