Sync Nexus and Mac with Nexus suite for Mac

With the help of SyncMate tool - a high-quality Nexus suite for Mac - you can keep your data up-to-date on Mac and mobile device in several effortless clicks.

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Nexus suite for Mac
Sync Nexus contacts and calendars

Sync Nexus Mac contacts and calendars

You can sync contacts and calendars between your Mac and Nexus device for absolutely free. Our Nexus suite Mac app interacts with the corresponding apps on both devices directly without any compressing, decompressing, delegating.

Sync folders and media files

This Nexus PC suite for Mac is also available in Expert edition, which allows syncing images, photos, music, playlists, and folders containing various files between Nexus phone or tablet and Apple computer. SyncMate performs all synchronization directly and securely.

Synchronize Nexus and Mac automatically

SyncMate is a great Nexus Mac suite because it can sync all data automatically and quietly in the background. You'll need to set up everything once to be synced the way you like it and won't have to worry about it anymore.

Mount Nexus as Mac disk

As Mac doesn't have any built-in utility to mount Nexus devices on it and browse them from Finder app, SyncMate solves this issue brilliantly. Thanks to this Nexus suite for Mac you are able to work with your Nexus data the same way as with any other local drive of your computer.

Sync options for Nexus phones and more

Not only can you keep all important stuff updated with SyncMate between Mac and Nexus, but you can also use additional non-sync possibilities of SyncMate, such as texting using your Mac keyboard, managing text messages, viewing and exporting call history and backing up Nexus data on Mac.


No doubt SyncMate is a very helpful Nexus suite for Mac - it aims at nothing else than perfect synchronization. Don't wait and try free edition of SyncMate to see it in action.

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