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Even though often used for torrents, Offcloud actually advertises itself as “a simple, elegant and intuitive SaaS to retrieve any data from the cloud". It is a little different from other service providers in that way.

Offcloud has a free trial that offers up to 10GB size of data transferred and three links that you can use. Whenever there is something you want to save just copy and paste the link into Offcloud and select one of the offered options: instant, cloud or remote. The Instant option is basically a proxy. You can grab the data you need and keep it in storage until you’re are connected to a fast network to be able to download it locally.

If you don't need all the services offered by Offcloud, but would just be happy with downloading the content you want and keeping it sefa on your computer, we highly recommend to try Folx.

Folx is one of the free Offcloud alternatives for Mac.

Folx is also a download manager as well as a great torrent client. It supports magnet links and also lets you create your own torrents to share with others on the network.


There is also PRO version of Folx available for a reasonable fee that adds multiple benefits to torrent features of free version. Free Folx is somewhat similar to Offcloud for Mac in terms of downloading various content right to your computer, however it doesn't have a cloud - it processes downloads directly.

There is also Folx PRO available for a reasonable fee for those seeking advanced possibilities. Such advanced possibilities include:

  • Download everything at the most convenient schedule for you. Then setup how Folx will behave upon finishing the downloads: quit the app, shut down the system, or switch it to sleep mode.
  • Perform torrent search directly in Folx on many torrent trackers at once. Then choose the most relevant result and Folx will fetch the content.
  • You can manage speed manually or let Folx adjust its speed automatically so that bandwidth is allocated evenly among other apps that may require Internet connection.
  • You can save login details for the most used trackers, websites, websites with web authentication and FTP servers.
  • All downloaded videos and music can be set to go to the corresponding Music (former iTunes) playlists.

We definitely recommend trying Folx as your alternative to Offcloud Mac since it is a power app that is stable, reliable and fast.


Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 33.09MB free space
Version 5.14.13922 (29th Dec, 2019) Release notes
Category: UtilitiesApplication
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