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  1. What is offshore software development?
  2. What Benefits Are Offered by Offshore Software Development?
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What is Offshore Software Development?

Offshore software development is the practice of having some or all of the work on a software development project performed by entities located in a different country than the original developers. The development of software applications is a complex task that can run into a number of issues that demand assistance in an effort to complete the project. Offshore software outsourcing can resolve these problems and allow you to complete your development project in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Offshore Software Development

What Benefits Are Offered by Offshore Software Development?

There are a number of reasons to use offshore software development when working on a development project. Companies of all sizes can reap the benefits of employing an offshore software development company to become part of their team. Here are some of the ways that an enterprise can gain an advantage by offshoring their software development.

   ▪ Reducing Development Costs

One of the most expensive budgetary items in any software development plan is the cost of the human resources to be engaged in the project. This can often be a decisive factor concerning the viability of the enterprise. Programming and development talent is expensive and is one area of a development project where you cannot cut corners. You need enough trained personnel to get the job done.

Reaching out to an offshore software development company can dramatically reduce the cost of human resources required for the successful completion of your project. The pay scale for talented developers varies widely according to geographic location, and you can use this fact to your advantage by hiring part or all of your team from the global workforce. This can be a key ingredient in your project completing within its intended budget.

   ▪ Availability of Specialized Skill Sets

A software development team can often run into the problem of lack of specialized skills during the course of their project. Trying to get an application to function properly on different devices and platforms can be challenging and may stretch the knowledge and technical skills of your in-house programmers. Sending your staff for additional training is one option you have. But this can be expensive, time-consuming, and cause significant delays in your development timetable.

A better option may be for your enterprise to reach out to the global workforce in search of the specific skill set your project needs. Coding is a universal language, and the perfect match for your stalled project can be located anywhere in the world. Certain offshore outsourcing establishments specialize in particular aspects of operating system or communication programming and have the exact piece to complement your development team.

   ▪ State of the Art Technology

An advantage that some offshore software development teams may have is in the technology that they employ in their development efforts. For small companies, this can be a point of extra importance, as their limited budget may not allow for capital equipment purchases.

The offshore software development team that you choose to work with may have dedicated equipment that your enterprise cannot match. This can help your team develop a quality project and perhaps gain a competitive advantage over rival developers.

   ▪ Time Savings

Employing an offshore software development team can help you realize tremendous savings in the time it takes to complete your project. This benefit can be realized in two ways.

The ability to hire more programmers, in general, can allow more work to be done in less time. Another advantage of an offshore team is the ability to stagger the workload over multiple time zones to get more done than would be possible in a traditional workday. Theoretically, you could have twenty-four hour a day development moving your project toward completion.

Eltima Offers Offshore Software Development and Research

Eltima Software can provide your company with a full range of offshore software development services. They have been developing and implementing Serial, USB, and network solutions for over 15 years. Eltima has in-depth experience in developing their own software products as well as in integrating the company’s technical advances into their clients’ projects.

One of Eltima’s technical specialties is in the virtualization of Serial and USB ports and the incorporation of this technology into other software products. Their technical expertise can be just what you need to get your application ready for the market. They have extensive experience implementing solutions for all platforms and can offer programming skills in many popular languages.

Eltima Offshore Software Development

The experts at Eltima can furnish your enterprise with a completely customized development environment. From project planning through design, implementation, testing, and deployment, Eltima is there to create the unique solution that your project requires. Post-deployment support and software maintenance are also options that Eltima can offer with its offshore software development service.

Get in touch with Eltima Software today and learn how they can help you resolve your software development issues. They are well positioned to provide you with a quality offsite software development solution.