OnePlus suite for Mac is finally here!

Thanks to SyncMate - a high quality OnePlus smartphone tool for Mac - you can sync various data between your Mac and OnePlus phone.
No matter which OnePlus model you own, if it runs Android 5.x-10.x SyncMate will sync data on it with Mac and vice versa.

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OnePlus suite for Mac
Sync OnePlus contacts and calendars

Sync OnePlus contacts and calendars

SyncMate transfers contacts and calendars between Mac and OnePlus device for free. It performs synchronization directly between a device and a computer, which makes the process safer, faster, more reliable, you name it.

Folders and media sync

SyncMate Expert works with photos/images, videos, music, playlists and even folders with various files to Mac. Just connect OnePlus to Mac and initiate the sync process - and then SyncMate will do the rest. This OnePlus smartphone tool for Mac doesn't require any cloud storages or online accounts.

Automatic synchronization

SyncMate is a great OnePlus smartphone suite for Mac with its automatic sync. You'll only need to setup SyncMate once, and then it will update everything between OnePlus and Mac in the background.

Mount OnePlus as Mac disk

Have you tried mounting OnePlus phone to your Mac before? As there is no native solution by Apple you probably couldn't do it. Try SyncMate - it allows mounting OnePlus device as an external drive so you can access the files through Finder as easily as with other disks.


Additionally to all data transfer and sync you can do, there are also useful non-sync options in this OnePlus tool for Mac. With SyncMate it is easy to text from your Mac, view OnePlus call history and export it to a file, or backup OnePlus on Mac.


SyncMate is a highly sought after OnePlus suite for Mac. You'll forget about duplicate entries and manual data update - SyncMate will take care of everything in the best way possible!

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