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With the help of SyncMate - the top Vivo assistant for Mac - you'll never have to worry about data synchronization on your Mac and mobile device. Everything can be updated in several clicks or even in no clicks at all!

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Vivo suite for Mac
OPPO calendars and contacts sync Mac

OPPO Mac assistant for Mac contacts
and calendars

Synchronization of contacts and calendar events between your Mac computer and mobile device is absolutely free with our OPPO Mac assistant for Mac. SyncMate app interacts with the calendar and contacts apps on both sides directly without archiving, decompressing, or delegating.

Synchronize folders and media files

This OPPO PC assistant for Mac is also offered in Expert edition. SyncMate Expert offers the possibility to sync photos, music, playlists, and folders containing various files from OPPO to Mac and vice versa. All synchronization is fulfilled directly and through secure channels.

Synchronize OPPO and Mac automatically

SyncMate is a the first choice OPPO PC assistant for Mac thanks to its ability to sync all data automatically in the background so you don't even have to move a finger. You'll need to adjust the settings for auto synchronization just once and from that moment on SyncMate will do the job faithfully.

Mount OPPO as Mac disk

There is no native app on Mac computer to map OPPO devices as drives in order to browse their contents in Finder and manage it easily. That is why we added this sought-after option to SyncMate - powerful OPPO Mac assistant.

Syncing and other options for OPPO phones

Not only does SyncMate help you keep your data organized among your computer and portable devices by syncing it properly, but it also lets you text from your Mac as well as manage text messages there, view and export call history for future reference, and backup OPPO on your Mac.


There is no doubt SyncMate is the best choice for syncing OPPO and Mac. There is no need to hesitate - just grab free edition and see what it can do for you.

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