Increase download speed on your Mac with Folx PRO

Speed limit control

When you are downloading multiple files with a download manager you can see if some files are getting more bandwidth and therefore download faster than others. In case your priority is some file that is not downloading as fast as the others you can change download speed in the way that more important files will download faster than less important ones. Speed limit control is a must-have feature of any download manager, but not every app will offer it. Folx PRO allows to do this and much more.

Folx Unlimited Speed

In some countries for users that don't have unlimited Internet packages it is still more reasonable to download at night as the price for downloaded megabytes decreases at nighttime. The speed of Internet connection usually increases at night, so it becomes really convenient to have a download manager that can adjust download speed on Mac according to the situation.

Let's take Folx download manager as an example to see how the speed
adjustment works.

Manual speed control

Manual speed adjustment

You can limit the download speed for all tasks when you feel like the downloading takes away too much of bandwidth and doesn't let you fully concentrate on other apps that also require bandwidth. It is really easy to optimize download speed on Mac in this case:

  1. In open Folx click the speedometer icon in the left bottom corner.
  2. Select “Limit Download Speed to” option.
  3. Set the limit for the speed anywhere from 5 kB to 2 MB. Set the limit for speed

Now that you set up the speed control on download manager the downloading will not interfere with the usage of Internet by other apps. If you want to speed up download process once you are done working with other apps, you can remove the limit same way you were setting it up.

One download is more important than others

Let's look at the situation when you started multiple downloads at a time but need to work with other apps that require bandwidth usage. You can limit the download speed for all files, but there is one that you need to download in the first place. In this case you can select this most important download in the list of all active tasks and set the individual speed limit for it.

Smart speed adjustment

Smart speed adjustment

When there are multiple downloads going on and you need them to go on all the time, then you might consider Smart Speed Adjustment option in Folx PRO. This option allows you to set your download manager in such way that it will adjust download speed automatically according to current Internet activity on your Mac.

For example, once you open your web browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari (and this is all highly customizable in Folx) the download manager will lower the download speed somewhat so you can check your mail and work online without sacrificing the loading speed. As we said earlier this option is highly customizable, meaning you can create your own list of the apps that Folx will automatically optimize the speed for.

And going back to the situation when you need a nighttime download, Smart Speed adjustment has an option called "Limit by time". With this option you can change download speed according to a certain schedule. Choose days and times when the download speed should be adjusted and choose the speed limit.

After setting everything up to your convenience, go back to main window of Folx and activate "Smart Speed Adjustment" when clicking the speedometer icon.

Thank you for reading and hopefully thanks to this article you'll be able to boost download speed on Mac to get the most efficient downloading results.


Requirements: OS X 10.9+ , 33.09MB free space
Version 5.14.13922 (29th Dec, 2019) Release notes
Category: UtilitiesApplication
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