Get the access to your OVH Public Cloud account on Mac

OpenStack object storage is an open-source and free cloud computing platform that covers private cloud services as well as public ones. OpenStack consists of correlative components controlling various hardware pools of storage, processing, and networking resources. OpenStack platform can be managed by its thousands of users either with the web-based dashboard, or command line interface, or RESTful services. Thanks to the fact that OpenStack is so open and accessible, many cloud resources rely on this innovative ecosystem.

One of the multiple vendors relying on OpenStack networking is OVH Public cloud. OVH offers high performance and security for professionals. Its users are getting 100% of their resources with optimal and consistent performance.

OVH Public Cloud on macOS

Whether your business is big or small you are going to benefit with a utility that allows you to mount your OpenStack cloud on your Mac and work with OpenStack documents stored there directly in Finder. CloudMounter is a reliable solution to have your cloud files at your fingertips, plus working with them doesn't differ at all from working with files stored on your hard drive. Also CloudMounter is easily the best encryption software for your OpenStack documents thanks to its stable algorithms. This app is definitely a proper way to elevate your OpenStack security.

Here are some facts about this Mac encryption software

  • When you are using CloudMounter to map your OpenStack cloud on Mac the cloud files are not transferred to the computer, they stay in the cloud, however you can work with them as if they are actually stored on your Mac, which is rather convenient.

  • CloudMounter is designed for the top privacy! Your OpenStack security is at the top level with your login data stored in Mac OS Keychain and only sent to servers and clouds through encrypted channels when you are logging in.

  • Once you figured out how to encrypt files stored in an OpenStack cloud you'll greatly appreciate the extra security measures.

  • CloudMounter creates a special decryption key that is ensuring that no one except for you can read your encrypted data.

Cloud drive encryption is rather important and is performed perfectly well with CloudMounter. High security standards and versatility are what makes CloudMounter the top choice for open-source encryption of OpenStack services.

To mount your OVH cloud storage as a Mac drive do the following:

  1. Select OpenStack Swift in the new connection window of CloudMounter.
  2. Specify the connection name.
  3. Specify the authentication link, login, password and tenant (aka “project”) in the corresponding boxes.
  4. Specify the container name, or use the / (slash) character to indicate the root directory, where all containers of the specific account will be listed as folders.
  5. Click 'Mount'.
Mount OpenStack cloud on Mac

The great thing about CloudMounter is that additionally to clouds based on OpenStack API, it can mount and encrypt Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon S3 data and the files on FTP/SFTP, WebDAV servers.


Requirements: OS X 10.10+ , 13.1Mb free space
Version 3.5.585 (23rd Sep, 2019) Release notes
Category: Utilities