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AVI videos are very popular today as the AVI format delivers high quality video files to its viewers. Mac owners can watch AVIs by using the built-in QuickTime Player that is easily found in the Applications folder. If QuickTime can’t open AVI and videos aren’t available for viewing, users have to search for other solutions. Some activate QuickTime Pro version, but it doesn’t support all AVI types that can be found today. That’s why Mac users have to install additional software that can read this format.

3 Simple Solutions to “Trouble Playing AVI Files on My Mac”

We’ve prepared the most complete list of free solutions relevant in 2019. They allow you to play AVI files without any problems. We’ve grouped the items into 3 categories according to their functionality and performance.

  1. Apps that were recognized as the best AVI player for Mac because they reproduce any type of AVI files.
  2. Video/audio codecs that allow playing AVIs on macOS.
  3. Video converters

1. Best AVI player for Mac (third-party apps)

The winner in this category is Elmedia Player. This app easily works with different file formats including AVI. It doesn’t require installing additional codecs or other essential components. You just need to drop your AVI video to the player and the app will start playing it immediately. Elmedia Player PRO offers you comfortable settings that make the playback of AVI and other formats effortless. You can adjust the playback speed, set the video brightness, contrast, and saturation, position the video image at different angles by flipping it vertically, rotating or mirroring. You can repeat separate video parts thousand times. If you make Elmedia a default player for Mac, you won’t need to worry how to play AVI or other files. Elmedia Player quickly solves any problems that may occur with file playing. E.g. if the video image is not synchronized with the audio, Elmedia will easily fix it.


2. Codecs that allow playing AVIs on macOS

Often when users have problems with AVI files on Mac they search for codecs that will allow their installed players to play videos in this format.

A codec (coder/decoder) is a program that transforms data or signals into a code. This code is used for storing, transmitting, or encrypting video and audio files. If a file needs changes or a programmer wants to view it, the code gets broken and all the data are decoded. Codecs are used for both encoding and decoding data. They are essential in digital video and audio processing.

Every video file contains a codec. AVI can have either a DivX or WMV codec. If it’s DivX you need a QuickTime component for Mac.

Lots of Internet resources recommend to install Perian to QuickTime player. It’s a free, open-source component that fits many video formats, such as AVI, DivX, XviD and others. But all recommendations that you can see are out-of-date. Perian has no updates anymore. In its official notice the creators recommend to consult third party tools. But you can use the following codecs:

1. DivX. It’s quite easy to play .avi files with QuickTime player featuring DivX codec. However there can be problems with the sound as it’s sometimes missing or crooked.

2. 3ivx. This codec supports lots of video formats including MP4, M4A, 3GP, MOV and AVI using MPEG-4 Video and MPEG-4 AAC Audio. You can run it with Windows Media Player, QuickTime and other apps.

3. Video converters

One of the answers to the question of how to play AVI video files on macOS is to use video converters. Such tools allow you to convert AVI to any other format that your player can reproduce, e.g. MP4. There are free and paid converters. They can be grouped into:

1. Apps. One of the most popular AVI to MP4 converters is Movavi. It offers you an easy setup, very quick file conversion and quality improving. You can simply convert your video file from AVI into MP4 format and vice versa. It’s available for Windows and Mac computers.

 Movavi get

2. Online services. Among web tools OnlineVideoConverter showed very good results. It works with video URLs as well as with local files supporting both video (MP4, AVI, MPG, MOV, WMV, MKV, M4V, WebM, FLV, 3GP) and audio (MP3, AAC, OGG, WMA, M4A, FLAC, WAV) formats. It’s compatible with all modern browsers, operating systems and devices.


Issues that frequently occur during AVI playback on Mac

We’ve selected the most frequent problems that Mac users report when they try to play AVI files.

1. I have got the following message: The document “movie.avi” could not be opened. The movie is not in a format that QuickTime Player understands.

Recommendations: 1. Install Elmedia Player app and play any file format for free. 2. Install the codec pack that will allow your media player to read AVI files. 3. Convert your AVI video into another video format.

2. The audio of an AVI doesn’t work and sometimes just the video won’t work

In most cases it happens when users play DivX files. However, AVI format is not an exception. If it’s not clear what codec was used for compressing your AVI container, it’s better to install Elmedia Player or VLC. They play video files of any formats.

3. My computer is MacBook Air and I don’t know how to play AVI videos on it.

It’s really very simple. Either you have Apple MacBook Air, PRO or iMac you won’t face any problems with playing AVI files. It’s all because of a unified Macintosh operating system that is built in all Mac computers. That’s why the recommendations on how to play AVI videos on Mac are relevant for all Mac machines.

You can open your AVI file in a few simple ways:

  • Drag the video to the app window or to the Elmedia icon at the desktop bottom.
  • Right-click the video. In the drop-down list find “Open with” and select Elmedia Player.
  • Go up to the Elmedia’s main menu. Choose File and “Open”. Select the file in the window that opens and click the Open button.

If you have other problems while playing the AVI format, you can leave a comment here. We will try to find reasonable solutions.

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