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This section contains articles about Eltima's network technologies for serial and USB communications, USB/COM port virtualization software, as well as products for remote management of specialized equipment, peripheral devices, and storage systems. Tags provided below each post will take you to relevant articles that may be of interest.

Access USB Scales in RDP Session

How to use USB scale in remote desktop. Software solution to access USB scale via RDP - USB Network Gate.

USB to parallel printer cable How to share a printer between two computers

USB Printer Cable allows connecting your parallel interface printer to a USB port. Find out how to share usb printer over network.

FireWire and USB Comparison - Access USB from Remote Computer

FireWire and USB - what interface to choose and how to access remote USB. Share USB data - Thunderbolt to LAN.

USBlyzer Alternative

USBlyzer for Windows alternative - monitor and analyze USB port activity with USB Analyzer

How to Turn Your Computer into USB device Server

Find out how to create a USB server and share numerous USB devices across the network with the Eltima Software solution.

Share USB over Network with USB Wireless Adapter: Software and Hardware solution

USB LAN Adapters: wireless and usb to lan adapters. USB Network Adapter software and hardware comparison.

Virtual USB Access remote USB devices

How to create a virtual USB device and share it over VPN. Access your USB devices remotely by virtualizing USB ports.

USB for remote desktop: List of the best solutions

Learn more about remote desktop USB redirection - best 4 tools to redirect USB over RDP. Pick a perfect remote desktop USB redirection software tool.

List of 6 best USB over Ethernet solutions

List of 6 best USB over Ethernet software applications which will help you find the most suitable USB to Ethernet Connector. Share USB devices over Ethernet and use them as easily as you use local USB devices.

Hyper-V USB Passthrough Guide

This Hyper-V USB passthrough guide will tell you about different ways to access USB devices in Hyper-V. Find out about the efficient tool that will add USB device to Hyper-V virtual machine.

How to share a USB device between two computers

Find out how to share USB devices between two or more computers using a special software from Eltima or with a USB sharing switch.

What is a USB port hub used for? Main types and features of USB hubs

The main features and types of USB port hubs. Micro USB hub and USB 2.0 hub - how to choose the best USB hub

VirtualBox USB drive access – a ‘how-to’ guide

Find out how to attach a USB drive to VirtualBox virtual machine. Connect remote external hard drive to VirtualBox over the network with the help of USB Network Gate

VirtualBox smart card reader access - a ‘how-to’ guide

This article will tell you how to connect smart card reader in VirtualBox with the built-in methods or by connecting smart card reader over the network with the help of USB Network Gate. A short guide to VirtualBox smart card reader access.

List of 6 best USB over IP software tools

The list of 6 best USB over IP software tools available today. Check out this article to find out more on how to share USB over IP network.

How to redirect USB from a thin client

Find out how to redirect USB device from a thin client with the help of dedicated USB redirection software. Thin client USB redirection over network and RDP.

USB sharing between computers with USB switch and special software

Find out how to share USB devices with multiple computers and switch between them with the help of special hardware and software solution - USB Network Gate, a replacement to a traditional USB switch.

How to remotely access iPhone/iPad over network

Find out how to access your iPhone remotely with USB Network Gate. With this remote access software you will have control over your iPhone\iPad and manage it remotely from PC or Mac.

The Main Things about Ethernet Cables

How to choose the right Ethernet cable and what is the difference between Ethernet and WiFi and much more about Ethernet connection. This article will help you to find out the main questions covered Ethernet cabling.