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Flash Optimizer
Compress SWF with Flash Optimizer

Flash Optimizer is the most powerful SWF compressor available today. It is possible to reduce SWF files size by up to 60-70% without quality loss thanks to amazing algorithms of vectors, shapes, morphing, Z-buffer, fonts and other revolutionary optimizations.

Flash Optimizer brings a significant power into hands of Flash users, allowing everyone to save traffic, time and finally money!

Command line interface availability, ability to convert all images into .jpeg format, profound sound compression algorithms are just a few of the dozens amazing features of Flash Optimizer.
Flash Optimizer is also available on Mac

With Flash Optimizer you can

  • Reduce SWF file size without FLA source

    Flash Optimizer optimizes not only a separate part of your Flash movie, but the whole SWF, including curves, zero-objects, ZLib optimization and a whole lot more advanced techniques. Your SWF files will weigh less, load faster and won't lose their quality!
  • Choose the best SWF compression options

    Flash Optimizer provides the simplest user interface with two tabs: "Compress one file" and "Compress many files" for better optimization process management. Flash Optimizer offers several compression settings so you can achieve better results even if you don't know a thing about Flash!
  • Preview and compare

    SWF Info dialog box to the right of the file preview shows all the detailed information on the structure of the movie: size of shapes, images, morphs, sounds, fonts and other elements. You can compare the size of the movie and its elements before and after compression by clicking "Preview Compression" button. Optimize Flash files in seconds!

Special corporate offers

Whether you're looking at redistributing our Flash Optimizer technology as a part of your product or considering Flash Optimizer software for an enterprise-wide deployment, we offer flexible and affordable corporate solutions designed to meet your needs.

Source Code License

  • Extensively commented C++ sources of the compression engine (generally the same as Flash Optimizer latest build without the interface part)
  • UNIX JPEG format is read/written with an external freeware DLL library
  • MP3 encoding is done via GNU Lame codecs
  • Detailed manual on implementing the source code
  • 1 year of FREE technical support
  • 6 months of FREE upgrades whenever the engine gets updated

DLL/ActiveX/COM object

  • DLL library or ActiveX Control or COM object providing the needed functionality of reading the Adobe SWF format and compressing the resources according to our unique algorithms
  • Detailed manual on implementing DLL library or ActiveX Control or COM object into your software
  • 1 year of FREE technical support
  • 6 months of FREE upgrades whenever the Flash compression engine gets updated

Please, note that all options include OEM rights for unlimited redistribution of your software with our software embedded and we do not require any fee paid per license of your software sold. The only requirement is that your software does not compete our titles and you do not seek to participate in the same market.

Multiple forms of payment are available, so you won't have any inconveniences with covering the price. Please, feel free to contact our sales department for details and availability.

Full features list

Revolutionary compression methods that allow to optimize SWF files to save up to 70% of their original size
Vectors & curves optimization
ZLib compression (can be applied and removed)
Shapes optimization
Morphing optimization
Fonts optimization
Zero-objects optimization
Sounds compression
Embedded video compression
Intuitive Flash movies manipulation
What customers say
    • 4.7
    Eltima Flash Optimizer compressed the file to 71% of its original size...
    Amitava Mukherjee Amitava Mukherjee

Overall rating 4.7
based on 62 reviews
Let's get started

Flash Optimizer for Windows

Demo version limitations
• Though you will still see the optimized file preview in color, optimized files will be saved in black and white palette in Demo version.
System Requirements
Windows 2000, Windows (32-bit and 64-bit): XP/2003/2008/ Vista/7/8/10, Windows Server 2012
Latest Update
Version (26 Feb, 2008) Release notes
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