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RS232 Port Monitor
Monitor RS232 communication

RS232 Monitor does everything you may require from the RS232/RS422/RS485 port monitoring software. It will collect, neatly log, and help you analyze the serial activity of connected instruments and devices. RS232 Port Monitor is an ideal solution for discovering and breaking down issues that may occur during an app or a driver development, testing and optimizing COM port devices' performance, and more.

RS232 Monitor is a user-friendly yet professional software that offers a built-in terminal emulator, data exporting options, advanced filters, flexible search options, etc. What's great about this program - it is a complete software solution which does not require any hardware.

There are three editions of RS232 Port Monitor available - Standard, Professional, and Company.

With our RS232 Data Monitor you can:

  • Log RS232 port communication data for future analysis and processing

    RS232 Monitor program can connect to an already open port and start monitoring this port right away. All monitored RS232 data is collected and displayed in real time. All data can be redirected to a separate file or just copied to clipboard. RS232 Monitor also records all serial input/output control codes (IOCTLs), displaying their full details and parameters. Any monitoring session can be saved and loaded whenever you need it.
  • Monitor several RS232 ports within one session

    You can monitor RS232 data and log several ports within a single session, which allows you to see how applications interact with multiple ports and devices. Data is logged on a first-in first-out basis for convenient analysis.
  • Read captured data in different ways

    The data that RS232 Port Monitor software captures can be viewed in 5 visual modes: Table, Line, Dump, Terminal or Modbus, each providing a different way to represent recorded serial data. With the advanced filtering option you can focus your efforts just on relevant data.
  • Emulate sent data

    Another RS232 Monitor highlight is an emulation of data sent to a serial device. Data can be sent to a monitored serial port in various formats - string, binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal, mixed - on behalf of the monitored application. This way you can follow the reaction of the monitored device to specific data or commands.
  • Fully Supports Modbus RTU and ASCII protocols

    RS232 Port Monitor employs new, effective filters allowing you to read and analyze Modbus data. This RS232 monitoring software enables you to connect to RS485/RS422/RS232 devices, monitor RS232 communication and perform data analysis.
  • Playback and session comparison

    Using the session playback feature in RS232 Monitor lets you resend data transmitted between your application and a serial port. You can obtain more precise monitoring by reviewing a port’s behavior as it receives the same data. Comparison between sessions is also possible and differences are automatically displayed.

Versatile capabilities of RS232 Monitor:

RS232 Port Monitor lets you connect to a RS232 port opened by another application and start monitoring it right away (Professional/Company Edition);
RS232 Port Monitor software is fully compatible with Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit);
All drivers have digital signature;
No limitation on the number of ports monitored concurrently;
Multiple ports monitoring within one session;
Support of all COM-port types: software-based virtual serial ports, Bluetooth COM ports, standard on-board ports, extension board ports, USB to SERIAL cradles, and others;
Real-time thorough logging of data transmission and capturing;
Sending files and different types of data, using aliases for quicker input, looping commands and functions, altering COM port settings on-the-go (Professional/Company Edition);
Different data view modes: Line, Terminal, Table, Dump and Modbus;
Record incoming and outgoing data streams;

STANDARD and Pro/Company versions comparison table

# Feature Standard Pro/Company
1 Monitor RS232 ports which are already in use
2 Send to/receive data from any serial port (Advanced Send Dialog)
3 Change serial port parameters in Advanced Send Dialog
4 Analyze any RS232 port software/hardware
5 Monitor any number of serial ports at a time
6 Supports all COM-port types
7 Log all data read from or written to serial port
8 Native search tool
9 Four types of customizable view modes
10 Log incoming and outgoing data streams
What customers say
  • Without RS232 Port Monitor from Eltima, I would not have been able to easily and quickly see the operation of the several serial ports carrying data to the navigation program...
    Jon Kinne

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