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RS232 Recorder
Record and analyze data from a serial port

Serial Port Monitor is an advanced software solution for monitoring and recording COM port data. With this efficient serial data recorder, users get full control over what data is sent and received by their system serial ports. Serial Port Monitor is the optimal solution for those who are developing, optimizing, or testing serial drivers, hardware, applications, etc. This monitoring solution lets you easily spot serial port issues arising in the system and solve them at once.

Convenient filtering and search options provided by the solution will help users find valuable information in a matter of seconds. Plus, the software RS232 serial data recorder offers built-in terminal and useful data exporting capabilities. Serial Port Monitor is a friendly software tool used without any complex additional hardware.

The software COM port data recorder is offered in a Standard and PRO versions.

Serial Data Recorder Software provides users with a unique feature set:

  • Analysis of COM port communications

    It’s no problem if the required COM port is already opened by another app, the software will easily access the port and start monitoring it. Even better, all captured data will be available in software interface in several views. This way, you’ll be able to see synchronized highlighting of similar IRPs in different formats which is particularly helpful for data analysis and comparing.

    With software powerful features, you can receive information on the performance of your serial applications in real time, and immediately detect where problems occur. More than that, software RS232 recorder makes it possible to capture serial port data to a file, and save recorded information to the clipboard. Complete details and parameters of all input/output control codes (IOCTLs) can also be intercepted and saved.
  • Recording multiple ports at a time

    Serial Port Monitor provides a way to sniff several COM interfaces and record data transmitted through them within one session. That means you are able to collect all the necessary information about simultaneous interaction of your applications with several COM ports or devices. With that, the software will use first in, first out method to save all captured data to a single log.
  • Different viewing options

    Serial data recorder software allows visualizing COM port communications in real time and provides four viewing modes to see captured data. There are table, line, dump, and terminal views. Each data visualizer represents one format of data display. For instance, binary and ASCII data, as well as port settings are available in dump mode. This visualization approach enables the software users either to see and compare serial data in four monitoring views at once or choose one mode best suited to their needs.
  • Emulation of data exchange

    Another aspect that sets Serial Port Monitor apart from other monitoring solutions is support for terminal mode. With this useful option, you can simulate sending data from a monitored app to a monitored COM port in string, binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal, mixed data formats. This makes a lot of sense when there’s a need to check the reaction of a particular COM port peripheral or program to some kind of data.
  • Modbus sniffing

    What makes life easier for many developers is the software capability to catch Modbus data. Both Modbus RTU and Modbus ASCII protocols are supported by COM Port Data Recorder.
  • Session playback

    To obtain the most accurate monitoring results, you can use a convenient session playback feature. This option lets repeat sending of received data to the same port again. Best of all, the differences between sessions can be shown automatically.

Here’s a full list of Serial Port Monitor capabilities:

Ability to start (stop) analyzing a serial port already used by another app (Pro version)
Complete Windows 10 compatibility (x32 & x64)
Software as well as its internal drivers are digitally signed
Ability to sniff any number of COM interfaces concurrently
Ability to catch data going through several serial ports in one session
Support for COM ports of any kind: standard on-board ones, extension board ones, software-based virtual ones, Bluetooth ones, USB to SERIAL cradles, etc.
Sniffing and logging data transmission
Availability of a specialized ‘Send dialog’: to send various types of data, apply aliases for faster typing and automation, change COM port parameters on-the-fly. (Pro version)
Recording data in real time
Availability of different data visualizers: table, line, dump, terminal modes
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Feature comparison: STANDARD and PRO versions

# Feature Standard Pro/Company
1 Sniffing serial ports occupied by other apps
2 Availability of the advanced Send Dialog
3 Ability to change parameters of COM ports in advanced Send Dialog
4 Analyzing any software or hardware serial port
5 Monitoring a limitless number of serial ports concurrently
6 Support for all types of COM ports
7 Ability to intercept all data communicated with computer COM port
8 Availability of built-in search
9 Logging and showing data in 4 different visualizers
10 Logging data transmitted in both incoming and outgoing directions
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What our software is capable of
Throughout its long history, our software has helped a lot of people to solve a variety of tasks and problems of absolutely different kinds. And here are some of them:
I have tried a good number of serial sniffers, but most of them were stacked with the excessive features that only increased the cost of the tool, but did not directly influence its main purpose – conveniently collect serial data. After spending some time on research, I opted for Serial Port Monitor as the most optimal variant among other similar programs.

Gregory Williams, Programmable Logic Controller Programmer

As I decided for myself, there is no need to spend money on 2 separate pieces of software, when Serial Port Monitor perfectly combines them: a serial sniffer and a terminal emulator.

John Albarn, Electromedical Equipment Technician

A sniffer that will not only collect all data but will also accessibly display it is essential during the development and debugging of the applications or hardware that work with serial ports. Serial Port Monitor’s data visualizers provide exactly that.

Richard Swanson, Software Developer

We mainly use it for debugging serial commands (byte stream) coming from various sensors on one of our mobile robotics bases. We also use it for any kind of weird serial issue that we can't figure out. It's a great product though!

Dave Kush, CTO

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