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Virtual Serial Port Emulator
Create an unlimited number of RS232

Virtual Serial Port Driver helps to create serial ports in your system and interconnect them virtually. For different applications in Windows, your virtual ports will be seen as two actual serial ports that are connected through null-modem cable. You are free to choose the port numbers for emulated serial ports pair.

Eltima COM port emulation technology can be integrated into your own software (OEM license).
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Eltima Port Virtualization Technology

What is a virtual COM port used for?
Virtual Serial Port Driver

If you use Virtual Serial Port

Let us say, you emulate a virtual pair of serial ports COM5-COM6, where all the data that was sent by other applications to virtual serial port COM5, was received at virtual serial port COM6. It works the other way round, too.

For example...

If you run two HyperTerminals (or other Windows terminal software) and connect one of them to virtual serial port COM5 and COM6, you'll see the same result due to virtual port emulator. Everything that you type in the first terminal will put in appearance in second one.

Serial ports look like real

Plus to it, the option of transferring files and other data stays the same, as if it was real serial port.

Emulation of RS232 ports can be used for GPS simulator software, as well as other useful apps.
Learn more about PRO features:
Serial Port Emulator PRO is built on the foundation of Virtual Serial Port Driver, offering a comprehensive and effective software package. This software solution for serial communication can be used in many ways where you need to create bundles of virtual serial ports and customize port parameters. You will be able to manage physical and emulated serial ports on easy and convenient manner.
Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO
  • Serial port splitting

    Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO lets you create multiple virtual serial ports (COM2, COM3, etc.) by splitting a single physical COM port. Using this serial port emulation application, the virtual COM ports will appear to your system as exact copies of the original hardware serial port. Sharing of physical serial ports is another feature of this powerful application, and you can have several serial apps accessing the same serial port and its connected device.
  • Joining COM ports

    Use of this RS232 port emulator software makes it possible to connect several virtual COM ports to one physical port. Serial applications connected to this physical serial port can receive data simultaneously from all the joined virtual COM ports. Essentially, you can now redirect transmission from multiple devices to a single application.
  • Creating bundle connections

    Create and manage complex bundles of COM ports. What this means is that two-way (in/out) data transmission can occur between unlimited numbers of virtual and physical serial interfaces. Data received on the ‘IN’ side of a COM port will be redirected to all of the COM ports as the ‘OUT’ side of the bundle. This feature works on data transmission in either direction.

    By setting a Main Port for both the ‘IN’ and ‘OUT’ side of a bundle you can easily manage hardware control lines.
  • Switching ports automatically

    Applications that can only work with a limited number of ports can take advantage of Switcher. This advanced feature of Serial Port Emulator PRO lets you combine several physical ports into one virtual port created by way of com port emulation. These ports can have unique names or all share the same name. In your application, you simply need to create a switcher to this virtual COM port.

    When your application needs a serial port connection, a free COM port from the list of joined ports will be presented to the app through the switcher. In this manner, your program will seamlessly make use of any free COM port as if it were the same port.
  • Merging COM ports

    An advanced feature of this com port emulator application allows you to add unlimited real and virtual serial ports to a serial bundle that has not been divided into ‘IN’ and ‘OUT’ sides. Data sent to one port is replicated to all other bundled ports, whether they are real or virtual. All devices and applications can now exchange data simultaneously with multiple devices or applications by using this powerful option.

Compare STANDARD and PRO versions

# Feature Standard Pro
1 Creation of unlimited pairs of virtual COM ports
2 Complete emulation of physical serial port settings and hardware control lines
3 Split a single virtual or physical COM port into multiple virtual ports
4 Unlimited virtual or physical COM ports can be merged into a single virtual serial port
5 Creation of complex port bundles
6 Allows deletion of port previously opened by other applications
7 High-speed data transfer from and to a virtual serial port
8 Forwarding of serial transmission from a physical port to another virtual or physical port
9 Strict baudrate emulation
10 Virtual null-modem schemes such as standard/loopback/custom are available
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  • We are using VSPD for testing out Geographic Information System software connectivity with a virtual GPS (software simulation). The GPS emulator is simulating the output we normally receive from a GPS navigator.
    Bjørn Krangnes

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Virtual Serial Port Emulator for Windows

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