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Serial Splitter Mobile
Mobile serial ports splitter

Serial Splitter Mobile is software for splitting real serial ports into virtual ones. It can be useful if you need several applications to work with the same serial port simultaneously on your mobile device.

With Serial Splitter Mobile you can connect one application to the other and split real ports into virtual ones. As a result, applications can exchange data. Such solutions can be useful for example, for GPS simulation systems.

If you need split serial port on PC and send GPS data to several applications -
try Serial Splitter for Windows.

With Serial Splitter Mobile you can

  • Split one serial port into several ones

    Serial Splitter Mobile easily splits one serial port into several ones. This software can create up to 20 virtual ports for real ports splitting - COM0-COM9, VSP0-VSP9. All of the created ports are equal in functionality and features. With Serial Splitter Mobile you will be able to connect one application to another and make several programs work with the same serial port.
  • Set access mode for every created port

    All of the ports created by Serial Splitter Mobile are absolutely equal. However, you can set access mode for every created port. If you set read-only mode to a port, you will be able to retrieve data from it, but won't be able to write anything to it. If you make the port read-and-write, the port will be fully-functional.
  • Easily manage all ports in the system

    You can easily create, delete and disable ports in your system to fulfill your needs. For instance, you need two programs to work with the same GPS device. You have only two serial ports left: one is free and another one is infrared. In this case you simply disable the infrared port with Serial Splitter Mobile and once it is released, split your COM port into 2 virtual ports. Now you can launch 2 applications from two virtual ports. The applications will work simultaneously with the same GPS device.
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Full features list

Unique all-in-one functionality: split, join serial ports, redirect data, etc
Create up to 20 virtual serial ports in any mobile device running Windows
One serial port can be split into any number of virtual and real serial ports
Any number of serial ports can be joined into one, you can create additional virtual serial ports to be joined into one
You can configure to grant writing privileges to only certain ports in a bundle
Ports bundles are automatically configured every time you boot your device, so you don't have to create them again
Full support of wide range of GPS devices and software
Bidirectional data transfer
High speed data exchange from/to virtual serial ports
Hot installation without any need to reboot
What customers say
    • 4.6
    We use Serial Splitter Mobile on competition sailboats, where the data from different equipment has to be used for multiple programs, e.g.: NMEA signal coming from AIS reciever, NMEA signal from multiple sensors such as depth, wind, speed, compas etc., NMEA signal from GPS.
    Delhaye Christophe Delhaye Christophe

Overall rating 4.6
based on 74 reviews
Let's get started

Serial Splitter Mobile

Demo version limitations
• You won't be able to send more than 100Kb of data in one session
System Requirements
• Windows CE 3.x/4.x/5.x/6.x
• Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003/2005/2006
• Windows Mobile Smartphone 2003/2005/2006
Latest Update
Version 3.2 (4 Jun, 2007) Release notes
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