Access your USB devices as serial ones with USB to Serial Converter

USB to Serial Сonverter is an advanced software solution that enables seamless communication between serial-based applications and USB equipment. This efficient program easily recognizes data sent by USB devices and converts it into serial signals.
USB to Serial Converter

The problem of connecting USB to serial port

Most current electronic equipment can be connected and communicate with a computer via a USB port. However, many devices are still using the older type of communication interface known as a COM port.

To connect applications or devices that work only with COM ports to a USB interface of a computer, you’ll need a dedicated program able to convert serial data into USB data and in reverse.

Simple solution:
USB to RS232 software

USB to COM Сonverter allows you to establish reliable connections between COM-enabled software and computer’s USB interfaces. The solution is designed to create a serial port on your PC using an existing USB port.

With the dedicated software, you’ll be able to provide your machine with virtual serial ports that can talk to real COM interfaces embedded on serial devices. USB to COM Converter is ideally suited for creating secure USB to RS232 communications.

Major benefits offered
by the software solution

The advanced USB to serial solution offers a host of benefits and helps resolve a broad range of issues. With USB to COM Converter you get:

Out of the box solution

No need to rewrite your serial app to provide it with USB support. The dedicated software will easily connect your serial program to any USB device or application.

Maximum flexibility

USB to Serial Converter releases you from the need to seek alternatives to a valuable USB device among COM based hardware or equipment.

Cross-platform connectivity

The solution fully supports Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

Simple setup

USB to Serial Converter is extremely easy to install and use. A simple installation of a driver and minimum configuration will be enough to let you use the software on your PC.

Some of the devices supported by USB to Serial Converter

HID devices

Wi-Fi adapter

Game controller


Smart card readers

Personal healthicare devices

Communication devices


Audio/Video devices

Bluetooth adapters

Diagnostic devices

Mass storage

Video cameras

USB security dongles

Custom Development Request

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