Best solutions to record audio from Youtube for Mac users


If you were to take a look at the official statistics on YouTube, you’d find that there was an average of 4 billion hours of audio and video watched on the website each month. YouTube claims to have received over a trillion views during 2014. This is a sign that more people than ever are using YouTube as a way to listen to the latest songs and watch the latest music videos.

YouTube might allow you to listen to those songs, but what would you do if the internet went down? That’s why people want to know how to record the sound from YouTube on Mac and have it ready to listen to offline on their computer, iPod, or iPhone.

Let’s Review one of the Best YouTube audio recorders for Mac

Today we’re taking a close look at a program to record sound from YouTube; Airy. Airy may appear to be nothing more than a simple YouTube downloader for Mac but don’t be fooled, it’s packed full of features to make the recording audio from YouTube process simple.


A great feature of Airy is that it is able to download long videos and audio files from YouTube. Airy is able to record audio from YouTube no matter how long the video is. It can even download an entire playlist or channel. Airy is able to download videos in bulk too, so you can download as many videos as you want. This also applies to YouTube audio; you’re able to download any length video as an MP3.

If you want to get a good long YouTube video to MP3 on Mac then Airy is the right choice because it allows for two free downloads. If you enjoy the app and want to keep using it then you can purchase the Pro version. The Pro version comes with some extra special features that make the price tag worth it too.

Once you download and install Airy then you’re ready to get started recording audio from YouTube. Just open up YouTube and then open up the video that you want to download. Copy the URL for the YouTube video and paste it into the Airy user-interface. Choose a media format to download in – such as MP3 – and then click the download button to get started.

If you’re wondering if this is all it takes to record audio from YouTube, then the answer is yes; it really is this simple. Airy is all you need to get started downloading long YouTube to MP3 on Mac in a few clicks. If you want to get the most out of the videos and music that you download through Airy then you should consider getting your hands on Elmedia Player. Elmedia offers a range of cool features that for playing your videos and listening to your music.

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