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Reprogram hearing aids remotely with HelpWire Software

Access your customers' hearing devices over the Internet.

A convenient solution for remote hearing aid reprogramming

Imagine that thousands of customers walk through your doors every month for the reprogramming of their hearing aids. Many of the patients, however, may find it rather inconvenient to bring their devices to your office, just to get the aids functioning properly again. To make the process of device maintenance a lot easier for both your customers and technicians, you can offer a remote reprogramming service based on an advanced port redirection software.
Now, instead of walking through your doors, the owner of a hearing aid can sit down at home, connect the device to their computer, and simply share the aid over the Internet using HelpWire, a dedicated app for remote device diagnostics and support.

You can up sell this service as a premium support plan to your customers, this way releasing them from the need for onsite visits.

How do you get remote access to your customers' hearing aids?

The patient using the hearing aid that requires reprogramming will simply attach his hearing aid accessory to a computer or an Android device with the OTG capabilities (e.g. Samsung Galaxy) running our HelpWire custom launcher and share the USB device over the Internet.
The shared USB device will now be available over the network for your audiologist to connect to and work with as if it were physically connected to his computer. The reprogramming software application, for instance Avante, that runs on the audiologist’s computer won’t even know that the USB isn’t directly connected to the audiologist computer. It will work the same way without any latency or hiccups.

What are the benefits of using HelpWire for remote reprogramming of hearing aids?

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High level of customer service

HelpWire will allow your patients to get the devices reprogramming without them leaving the comfort of their home. This will inevitably keep customers more satisfied which will lead to more revenue for your company.
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Secure connections

All connections created with the software are protected with the advanced traffic encryption. HelpWire serves for redirecting hearing aids over the network and does not affect the process of the device reprogramming.
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Significant advantage over competitors

By offering the support service with remote access capabilities, you'll be able to outperform your competitors and really up your market share.
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White labeling

The application will have your company’s logo and name plus any other white labeling you would want assuming you decide to adopt the concept.
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Video/audio and text chat

While using HelpWire, audiologists can communicate with customers over video, audio, and text chat. This will make the process of remote hearing aids reprogramming even more efficient.
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Custom development

HelpWire is a unique custom solution that can be tailored to fit your specific goals. Any additional functionality can be added to the software that will be specifically designed with your needs in mind.
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Flexible subscription plan

The subscription plan you choose totally depends on your unique usage scenario. We offer Pay-Per-Use Plan, Monthly Plan, Annual Plan, Perpetual Subscription Plan, and Redistribution License Plan.
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Don't want app installation? - No problem

If your client requires a one-time service or doesn’t want to install any software on their machine, the customer can just download a special HelpWire build from your website, launch it (without installation) and share the device that needs reprogramming. Once the remote session is completed, the program will be automatically removed from the client’s computer.
Ready to try out HelpWire for reprogramming clients’ devices remotely?