What is metadata and how to remove metadata from photos

Nowadays modern digital photography can tell you a lot of things. It is not just a collection of color pixels as a lot of us used to think, but each photo can tell you a lot of interesting things, thanks to the fact that each of them contains metadata. For an ordinary user or a person who is not familiar with this word, it would not make much sense. However, for the person who is up to the speed on, the question “How to remove photo metadata” is of a great concern. So, let’s throw light on this question. But first, let’s talk about metadata. PhotoBulk editor logo

The first thing that you should know is that all modern phones and cameras are able to add metadata to the photo. It happens right at the moment of taking a photo. However, you will not see it anywhere in the photo, as it is not displayed there. So if you want to find metadata you should go to the file properties. As you see there is no need to install any third-party tools to see it. Just right-click the file and the whole picture will be revealed in front of you.

What is metadata and the reasons to remove EXIF data from photos

Here arises the question “What is metadata?” Metadata of a photo is all the data stored in the properties of a photo taken with the help of digital cameras or smartphones. It can contain information about the image itself, the author, model of the camera, its serial number, the date and time of taken photo, speed of a shutter, the aperture, the used lens, other technical details, the source, the file, GPS data, and much more. All this information is stored in each digital image, in the form of EXIF ​​information.

There are a lot of reasons to remove EXIF data from photo. However, two main reasons are the following:

  • To reduce the file size (for example, before posting on the site on the Internet). As you may know, any data weighs, so removing metadata can help you to reduce the size of the image without losing quality.

  • Getting all the technical parameters of a photo, such as camera manufacturer and model, ISO speed, metering, flash mode, focal length, light source, etc., is very useful for professional photographers. Nevertheless, this and other confidential information may become available to unauthorized persons, in case of publication of a photo on the Internet.

At the present days, you can find a lot of apps to help you to remove photo EXIF data. However, to find a decent one can take you a while. We would recommend you to have a glance at PhotoBulk. It is an excellent EXIF remover solution. Remove EXIF data with PhotoBulk

This app offers deleting all the metadata presented in the photo or selectively out of three given variants. So, if you wish no one to know your geolocation you can remove this metadata, by unchecking this option. You can combine these variants as you wish, removing only the desired information. The coolest thing is that you can do it in bulk without wasting time processing photos one by one.

Another great thing is that PhotoBulk offers you bulk such rather useful features when editing photos as renaming, resizing, optimizing and watermarking photos. The app allows to create innumerous presets, making the whole process of editing fun and easy.

Check PhotoBulk and enjoy how easily you can remove metadata from image and not just that!


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