How to bulk resize images on Mac

If you came across this article, it means that you have already started your research in this sphere and, definitely, have searched for the information like “How to resize an image on Mac?”, “How to resize a photo in Photoshop?” or even “bulk resize images”, “Photoshop batch resize”, etc. Perhaps, you have read a lot of information and now, you are, in some way, over informed with all the complicated terms and words.

As it turned out, the question of resizing is one of the most complicated and frightening issues that a lot of users are facing when dealing with uploading files to different services. However, everything is not so difficult as you have thought. In our article, we tried to gather all the important information that you should know about and make the process of resizing as easy as a cake. To know more about how to resize photos on Mac, read below.

Resize image

What are the reasons for resizing images

The necessity to resize the photo can arise for various reasons. Let’s try to figure out in what cases you may need to resize the photo:

  • photos that are aimed to be uploaded to the sites (for example, for a blog, article, photo report, so on and so forth). These files need to be resized to the optimal size;
  • cases when you need to send photos by mail. Note that, high quality photo is not required for this operation;
  • cases when you need to send photos to the contest, where you are obliged to provide files of a certain size;
  • cases when you need to upload a photo to a site on which there is a limitation in pixels (or PX).

Let’s imagine the situation, that you are dealing with a great number of photos and you want to send these files via the Internet. Here, you should take into consideration such factors as the Internet tariffs (if any), the Internet connection and time, required for sending every single photo. And what if you are time and money limited? Then resizing of the image can play an important role here and even more, to be able to bulk resize images, would be even a better plus here. Wondering how resizing can be helpful here? The answer is very simple, as when we are talking about image resizing, first of all, we mean the changing of its resolution. So as you see, resizing can be useful if you want to reduce the size of an image file, since a smaller resolution, as a rule, has a smaller file size. Whatever the goal you have, below, we will provide you with the information about the fastest way to resize photo on Mac.

How to resize photos on Mac with no effort

As you have already guessed, if you want to resize photo for Facebook, website, etc. you should start searching for a powerful Mac resize images solution. And if this utility is straightforward, that is even better!

Take a look at PhotoBulk presented by Eltima Software. This app was created for convenient and fast resizing of your photos. The ability to process photos in bulk can make it your number one solution. Also, it is worth mentioning that, this utility supports such popular graphic formats as JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, and HEIC.

Bulk resize images

The latest version of PhotoBulk allows resizing photos according to the 5 parameters:

  • If you want to resize by width, this parameter should be typed manually into the corresponding field. The height will be automatically resized according to the width.
  • If you want to resize by height, this parameter should be input manually into the corresponding field. The width will be automatically resized according to the height.
  • If you want to resize according to the percentage, the desired percentage value should be indicated into the corresponding fields. The image will be scaled in both dimensions at this ratio.
  • If you want to make free size, indicate the desired width and height. The image will be resized to the specified size without keeping aspect ratio.
  • If you want to resize by max size, provide the maximum image width and height. Resize the image to be as large as possible while preserving aspect ratio.

As you can see, with PhotoBulk you can effortlessly resize a lot of images in a single click. Do not worry that you will lose the original images, because with this resize image Mac solution, they will remain unaffected. So, enjoy resizing the photos.

Read the detailed info on how to resize multiple images on Mac below

  1. Download PhotoBulk from here or from the Mac App Store.
  2. Launch PhotoBulk.
  3. Сhoose the desired number of photos you want to edit. There exist several ways to add photos to PhotoBulk editing window:

    • by using hotkey ⌘O;
    • by dragging images to the main editing window or to the application icon in the Dock;
    • by clicking the + character button;
    • by choosing File → Open… from the menu bar.

  4. After that, you’ll see how many files were added to the PhotoBulk’s Gallery. Resize image Mac
  5. In order to resize picture Mac users need to activate Resize option in the sidebar.
  6. Choose one of the methods of resizing from the drop-down menu, namely, by width, height, percentage, free size, by max size. Don't forget to type manually the required dimensions.
  7. Check out how the resulting images will look like in the Preview area.
  8. After you set up all the preferred settings and are ready to apply them, click START button.
  9. Choose the path to save the processed images in the invoked window.
  10. Click Save button.
  11. Additionally, you can save your resize settings to presets for future usage by clicking Save As button, in order not to waste time making the settings again next time.

PhotoBulk is a great solution for resizing multiple images and not only. With PhotoBulk you can also add watermarks and use it as an image optimizer. See it yourself how easily you can resize photo on Mac.


Requirements: OS X 10.10+ , 12.62MB free space
Version 2.2.270 (14th Sep, 2019) Release notes
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